How to create a heavenly experience for your nail salon customers

Those who go to a nail salon are looking for a way to relax while they are getting pampered with a manicure or a pedicure. As the salon owner, it’s your responsibility to give the ultimate experience so that the customer feels at home. From offering refreshments to ensuring that the environment is vibrant and lively, you can provide a salon visit that the customer won’t forget.

Colors of the Rainbow

Whether it’s the pale colors that look like they are barely on the nails to the fun and outrageous colors that shine from far away, you need to offer a variety of colors and shades for customers. Because of that, you should make sure that the nail provider that you use can give you that wide variety of colors. Your stylists should also be able to provide a range of designs for customers who have their own ideas as to what they want the nails to look like. A good idea would be to hold a class or two during the month to keep your employees updated on the latest in nail designs.

Appearances Matter

Keeping a clean atmosphere is very important, because that will make your customers feel comfortable. Not only that, but everything from the equipment that you’ll be using to the furniture should be top notch so that it is attractive—which will be what draws in some of your clientele. You should also consider adjusting the lighting and adding mirrors to help brighten the place up. Another thing that you may want to consider is talking with your regular customers about what would make the salon’s style look more comfortable to them and acting on that feedback.

Treating Customers Like Family

How you treat your customers as key! They should always feel like they are at the center of your attention and that should start from the moment they walk into the salon. Make sure that they are greeted and welcomed in. You may even want to consider having refreshments, like cookies or small cakes, in the waiting area—but just make sure that they never have to wait too long! While they are getting their nails done, try and have engaging conversations with them or just let them relax as much as possible and watch a movie.

Luxury at its Finest

Although you’re a nail salon, that doesn’t mean that you only have to focus on the hands or feet. You can a few more luxurious details—like a scalp or foot massage. A neck massage is also another good idea and can be done while their nails are getting done. Little things like this will definitely make it a memorable experience for your customers and keep them coming back.

Treat your customers right by taking all of these details seriously. After all, they deserve the best of the best!

Equipment that can Enhance your salon

You have the pedicure chairs, the manicure tables, and everything else that makes for a good nail salon, but you want to be great. Every little detail counts when running a salon, and with the right details, your salon can go from good to great. There are many things that a salon needs that you may not have even thought about when filling your shop with furniture and equipment.

A salon that has the latest and greatest furniture and equipment will stand out from the rest, giving clients what they need and what they want. A mini fridge full of sparkling water could be all the difference. Pedicure Chair Plus, carries a ton of different equipment for the perfect salon. If you feel like your salon is lacking something, check out our furniture to find something that can take your salon to the next level!

If you are not sure what you are missing, this blog will go over some of the best equipment that can make your salon more effective and manageable. You may have trouble finding the right equipment if you are not sure what you are looking for, so read on to get ideas and inspiration for your salon!

Towel Warmers

One of the greatest parts of visiting a nail salon is the nice hand or foot massage your receive. This five minute massage is relaxing and a favorite in a mani-pedi session. But what makes this moment of bliss even more wonderful? A warm towel being wrapped around your freshly massaged hand and feet. That is the moment that all worries leave your clients and they are lost in a warm towel heaven.

Pedicure Chair Plus offers towel streamers to create the perfect manicure and pedicure for your clients. This appliance will give your salon and extra touch of relaxation and bring your business one step closer to great!

Pedicure Trolley

Hopefully you have a pedicure trolley to hold all of your supplies, but if you don’t this piece of furniture will change your life and your salon. A pedicure trolley is the perfect addition to your business, allowing you to store all of your needed supplies and be completely prepared every time.

We all have experienced a pedicure that gets delayed because the nail technician did not have all the supplies needed. And while this is not the most important issue, having all of the supplies and equipment needed will make your clients realize you are more prepared, which will make a difference.

These are great for each technician to have, allowing for each to personalize their trolley with the equipment and supplies that they prefer. Each hair dresser generally has their own station with tools that they enjoy using and find the most value in—nail technicians should have the same, a personal space with the best tools for them.

Kid Spas

If you live in an area with a lot of families or have clients who often bring their children in, investing in a kid pedicure chair could be the difference between you and another salon. These fun and colorful chairs are perfect for a mommy-and-me spa day, allowing for little girls to enjoy a pedicure in a chair that is their size and has a fun theme.

Choose from Hello Kitty, The Little Mermaid, or other fun kid pedicure chair designs. Adding just one of these to your salon can help make you a more friendly salon for clients with children. This will make you stand out and become a popular choice for clients who want to bring their little ones out for a day of fun.

Not many salons offer pedicure chairs for children, being one of the few could transform your salon from good to great. Who knows, the child clients you take care of could become lifelong clients, simply because you offered chairs specifically for them!


Some nail salons also offer massage services, if you are one of those salons you will want to stock up to the best massage equipment possible, helping your clients truly relax. If you do not offer massages but have always thought about offering this service in the future, Pedicure Chair Plus is the perfect place to start. We have massage tables and chairs that can get you started off right!

Heat Stones

A massage is always relaxing, but when heat stones are included, a massage becomes that much better. Heat stones are something everyone wants to experience by not many have. They help relax the body, soothe sore muscles, and help clients feel that they are getting more out of the massage.

Hot stone massages are actually very beneficial, and will become a popular part of your salon. These smooth, flat stones are heated and placed along certain areas of the body to release tension in muscles and tissue.

According to Healthline, there are many different benefits to a hot stone massage. Besides relieving muscle pain, a hot stone massage can reduce stress and anxiety, help with sleep, reduce symptoms of different diseases, boost immunity, and may reduce cancer related symptoms like pain and nausea. Offering hot stone massages in your salon could increase your client base and allow you to help people in many different ways.

These are only some of the salon and spa equipment that may have been forgotten when you were purchasing your salon furniture. Every little detail of a salon counts. From the magazines in your waiting area to the great smelling soap you have for your clients to wash their hands. The little details listed above can make your salon more organized and help you be better prepared.

Stand out from the rest with pedicure chairs for kids. Become more organized and allow your technicians to have their own personal nail supplies with pedicure trolleys. Allow you clients to enjoy their massage and reap many benefits with the help of heat stones. There are so many small things that can be added to your salon to enhance your workstations, create more organization, and give your clients an amazing experience.

When you think about the furniture and equipment you need for your salon, keep your clients in mind. They are the ones who keep your salon in business, they are the reason you own a salon, and you want to create a great experience for them every time.

Pedicure Chair Plus is the best place to find all of your spa and salon furniture and equipment. Find everything you need, from the main pieces to the items that will just make the job easier and better for the clients. Find what you are looking for and contact us today call 1.888-400-2648. Or view more at

Why have a Pedicure at your NAILS?

Pedicure is one of the best ways to treat yourself and pamper your feet. Rewarding your feet for the lots of work they have. Every person walks a lot and the feet always collect a huge amount of dirt, dirt that can cause unhealthy hygiene, bad odor and fungal infections. So pampering your feet once a week will be a great way to reward it for the hard work they are doing.

Having a pedicure is not only for fashionable purposes, or to look good and presentable. It also has to with health. Having clean feet, would give a person a great deal of confidence, sanitation and protection from fungus.

Pedicure treatment starts from washing your feet to remove all the dirt they collected. Foot scrubbing that will get rid of the bacteria the grime can bring. Then followed by cutting the nails that would make the toes look good. Finally polishing the nails that will serve as protection from fungi and other elements that would harm the nails and eventually the body.

So pedicure treatment serves as art or a way to look good and also as a healthy protective matter. To learn more about pedicure chairs, call 1.888-400-2648. Or view more at Pedicure chairs

Top 8 tips for buying the best Barber chair for you

A great barber chair not only allows you to provide superior services easier and more efficiently – ultimately putting more money in your pocket – it also sets the tone, and vibe for your space. Barber chairs come in a variety of styles and prices – so how do you find the best barber chair for you? Before going into the top qualities to look for in your brand-new, deluxe barber chair, ask yourself a few questions:
– Who are your typical customers?
– How busy is your shop?
– What services do you provide?
The answers to these questions can provide you with information on what the most important

qualities of a professional barber chair are for you and your barbershop, including weight restrictions, durability, chair styles, warranty, and materials.

Make your clients feel like the kings they are and give them the comfortable throne they deserve. Aside from providing great services, the comfort of your barber chair is one of the most important factors that will leave your client feeling like they had a great experience and leave them wanting more. Often, receiving a tight fade or a great shave is more than receiving a quick service – it is a relaxing experience that gives your clients some “me” time. Make sure to consider lumbar support, a width that can fit all sizes of clients, comfort of the headrest and footrest, and high-density foam cushions for ultimate comfort.
Additionally, don’t forget about the comfort of your barbers! The day-to-day work of a barber is physically demanding. In order to allow them to do their best work and control their craft, it is extremely important to consider a hydraulic barber chair that adjusts in accordance with your barber’s height, locks at all necessary positions, and the provides maximum mobility for all services provided.

Construction is key when searching for the best barber chair for you. A barber chair at any price is a huge investment – so you want to make sure it will last you long-term. There is a wide range of high-quality barber chairs to choose from, no matter your budget. One way to guarantee great quality and durability is to purchase a barber chair manufactured by one of the top.

Buyers often overlook materials on their search for the best barber chair – but it is essential to know the quality and durability of the materials of your potential barber chair. For the metal portions of your barber chair, chrome & cast aluminum are extremely durable materials and provides a chic look, and easily hide scratches and general wear and tear. Additionally, make sure to steer clear of fabrics and leather, and opt for high-quality vinyl instead. You can easily maintain vinyl, while fabric and leather will quickly show your chair’s age and use. Finally, don’t forget to consider your options for barber chair bases. Several barber chair bases have options of colors, standard bases, or electric bases.

You want your brand-new barber chair to keep looking as beautiful as the day you got it – so make sure you consider how you are going to keep it that way! You can keep high-quality vinyl looking beautiful and easily keep it up with a vinyl cleaner. Additionally, keep your chrome looking shiny and chic with a quality chrome cleaner. Finally, consider the services you provide. Do you use any products or provide any treatments that could stain your chair? Consider color options or chair covers accordingly.

Although there is a plethora of stylish barber chairs, it is important to consider your barber shop’s general aesthetic and style when searching for the best barber chair for you. Are you going for a vintage, classic, modern, or sporty look? Are you looking for a specific color scheme? No matter the style or color options you are looking for, several manufacturers can provide you with a custom look unique to you and your barber shop – even down to the piping on your professional barber chairs. Never underestimate the power of the design and colors of your barber chairs and shop interior – these create a huge difference in your customers’ overall experience.


You may find a barber chair that looks appealing – but is it functional? In order for your barbers to do their best work, check out the reclining mechanism, height adjustments, that it swivels easily, and if the headrest and footrest are adjustable or removable. And don’t forget – your clients come in all shapes and sizes. Will the seat dimensions and weight capacity allow them to sit comfortably? Make sure the barber chair’s weight capacity will hold your clients – this will protect them and keep your brand-new chair from unnecessary damages.


The cost of barber chairs ranges from high to low, so it is important to set a realistic budget and stick to it on your search for the best barber chair. When working with a smaller budget, investing a little extra into your professional barber chairs will pay off. They are your most used equipment and represent the quality of your barbershop to your clientele. Buying the highest quality barber chairs you can afford and saving money elsewhere is worth it in the long-run. And don’t think that high-quality means the most expensive chair you can find – there are plenty of great mid-priced options available that can check off all your boxes of fashion and function.


Looking at a company’s warranty can show a lot about the quality and durability of your barber shop’s potential barber chairs. If there is no warranty- BEWARE! This could be a sign of low-quality materials and a short lifespan. The best barber chairs will be backed by at least a one-year warranty, with the hydraulic pumps often having an even longer warranty. Along with the warranty, make sure that you choose to work with a company that has a dedicated customer service team ready to assist you.

Finding the best barber chair for you requires informed decisions so you know you are making a great investment – so always make sure to contact your sales representative to get detailed information on your potential professional barber chairs. Follow our tips that combine fashion, function, and budget, and get started on your search today – and give yourself the brand-new, deluxe barber chair you deserve!

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6 Fresh Colour Combos for Your Summer Gradient Nail Art

There’s a perfect time and place for gradient nails so bright and juicy that they’re just begging for attention. The time is summer and the place is everywhere! Here are 6 colour combos that’ll get you started and don’t forget to scroll to the end for a gradient tutorial!

1. Peach Sorbet

You’ll need: One pastel purple and a perfect peach

2. Cherry Wine

You’ll need:One juicy pink/red and a deep berry red

3. High Contrast

You’ll need: One turquoise and a bright pink

4. Cool and Creamy

You’ll need: One pastel blue and a cool plum

5. Fruit Salad

You’ll need: One buttery lemon and a pink that pops

6. Lots of Limes

You’ll need: One fresh mint, one lime green and one chartreuse

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Nail Care Tips

  • Moisturize your hands: Keep them looking soft and supple at all points of time. You can also use coconut oil for it! The perfect nails need perfectly smooth fingers too. Always carry a hand cream with you.
  • Don’t forget the base coat: Always use the base coat for your fashion nails. They will last longer and make your pretty nails look shinier.
  • Go for UV manicures and pedicures. They can last 15 days without a blemish. And when your nails outgrow the color you can just coat them with your regular same color nail paint at home. Such a perfect solution for permanent, perfect nails.
  • Give your nails some air and let them free: Do not let them be coated all the time with those harsh chemical nail paints. Instead, remove the nail paint with moisturizing nail paint remover to avoid any discoloration.
  • Be gentle: Use soft hand washes instead of those hospital grade hand wash you use. They have the same ingredients and will not weaken the nail extensions.
  • Ask your nail technician: Every hand is different. Consult your nail expert next time you go for your regular manicure and pedicure.
  • Keep your hands and feet clean and dirt free. Live in a dusty area keep a stack of cotton socks and wear them throughout the day. Your manicures and pedicures will last longer.

These are a few hacks that every lazy girl swears by. Follow them and never go without the compliments. Stick to simpler methods, styles, colors and designs. It always lasts longer. No one can go for the French manicure every weekend, isn’t it? Just relax, take it easy, follow these tips and hacks and don’t forget coconut oil. Also, you need your beauty sleep. It will let you feel beautiful and rejuvenated the entire day.

Easy Tips for a Great Pedicure

Keep it simple! If all transactions on the device can be marked and one-of-a-kind paint jobs, keep the pedicure simple. A color for all two checked entries, but not matching matches, is the most optional.

Keep in mind what you do wearing the next few weeks. If the new April date will continue and you know you may be having a lot of small things, it is not possible to place color links in your days.

The Metallic colors rule this year. In my favorite local shop, I found sparkly gold, silver & bronze polish. Đã thể đồng thời với bạn và nó đã là gorgeous and matched everything! Only the skipped user has it has a lot of Nail polish needs to remove it is not available with color time, but it has been determined it because of any application.

You cannot create the necessary goods to retain Feet moisturized and your pedicure looking fresh. Any oil will work. For best results, put oil or thick generic lotion on your feet at night and cover with socks. Your feet will look the next soft day silky. My podiatrist recommends Eucerin Original Healing Creme but the generic brand works just as well.

Cuticle oil, if used daily, also keeps you to look and fingers looking freshly polished. My favorite is Essie Apricot. I love that stuff!

Polka dot on your pedicure is a must-try at least once. You can currently have no time, and Feminine, not too girly EVERYONE can wear polka dots. Now go get your feet done!

If you have any questions about salon content or would like to know more about pedicure products, you can contact us at Pedi Source free. Just give us a call at 1.888.400.2648 You can see more at website:

Tools for Natural and Textured Haircare

The natural and textured haircare industry is growing fast and is showing no signs of slowing. More and more women with naturally curly, wavy, kinky, and coily hair types are letting their natural textures take center stage. This means that salons and stylists have to be prepared to service these customers, or potentially lose out on revenue. Styling textured hair not only requires experienced hairstylists, but it also requires equipment and tools that are compatible with natural hair. “Naturals” are men and women who choose to forego chemically processing their hair with perms, relaxers, and texturizers. They look for products that are very moisturizing, and they’re very careful with heat tools. In addition to the equipment you already have for styling straight hair, here are a couple of items that are natural hair friendly: Flat iron– but not just any flat iron. You’ll need to have a 100% ceramic flat iron, with adjustable heat settings. The ability to adjust the heat is important. Typically, textured hair should not be flat ironed at temperatures above 350 F°. Curly, wavy, kinky, and especially coily hair is very sensitive to heat and is very prone to heat damage.

Hair steamer– moisture is key when it comes to styling naturally curly hair. A hair steamer is a great tool for moisturizing the hair. It also opens the hair cuticles to allow for deep penetration of products. When doing deep conditioning treatments, place the conditioner on the clients freshly washed hair, cover with a plastic cap, and set the client under the steamer. If you are using a handheld steamer, then no cap is required.

Maximize your salon’s potential by being prepared to service diverse hair types. The more educated you are about the many different types of products and equipment that is available to you, the more prepared you’ll be to start offering services to the rainbow of potential clients out there.

The Ideal Benefits of Quality Spa Chairs

Usually, customers always want a more comfortable massage. And one of the most trend is massage chair. As its name implies, it is related to the use of spa chairs. Unfortunately, any type of chair is not an ideal choice. It should be a good custom pedicure spa chair for customers to experience a newer height benefit. To understand why spa equipment sellers should double their efforts in selling those, these are the benefits of quality spa chairs that end users benefit from your products.

Spa chairs are basically used in massage chairs. It is a basic type of portable massage that is done in a shorter time period – something like ten or fifteen minutes. The focus of this massage is on the back, neck, shoulders and arms. It is made on clothes without any massage oil.

When you massage your chair, sit comfortably in a dedicated chair while your face is in a cradle facing the floor. The neck and back are fully relaxed while the certified practitioner reduces muscle tension by using any technique. But to make it more comfortable and relaxing for customers, it is important that the chair is designed with ideal features.

Massage chairs are usually made in high stress places such as trade shows and airport spas. This is an effective massage to relieve muscle tension before a full body contraction. In addition, there are times in which is a benefit of some company parties and events. For these reasons, if you are a spa chair seller, make sure your product is ideal for many users. It also means a lot to you because you will deal with more potential customers.

When using a chair, it is easy to fold and completely mobile. It can only be mounted in any area as long as it is beneficial for massage. When selling such spa equipment, you never dare to forget that the main consideration of the buyer is comfort.

Another thing needed to venture into selling spa chairs is reasonable price. Granted, adventurous is intended to generate income. However, you should adhere to a mission twice, focusing on pursuing income but considering your buyers’ budget needs. That is, you need to build a sensitive understanding of the ups and downs of the life of your potential buyers.

In selling pedicure chairs, it is not enough to succeed in marketing your products. While working around a range of spa features for your customers, you should also try to visualize the possible impact of the product on their buyers and customers. Knowing the advantages of quality spa chairs, you will be able to recognize the focus when selling foot chairs.

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Is it The Right Time to Purchase a Pedicure Chair

Your Business

Your first priority are your business information, has been effect of no footer. You must be a beauty salon but you want to provide wide range spa benefits? Does your client request pedicure treatment? If yes, your business will be interested in  pedicure chairs. You can assess this by conducting a survey. Please ask your customer customer see them you want to add pedicure to your service list. If they do, you know that pedicure is an option option for you and you should use it in your business. However, if most most your customer cannot get positive, you don’t need to install.

Take a Look at your Finances

According to your budget, you can buy the new or used pedicure chairs. We would always suggest new ones because used chairs don’t offer as much value for money. They wouldn’t last for very long while new chairs usually come with a ten year warranty and the latest technology. For example, modern chairs offer shiatsu massages instead of just vibration massages.

It’s a good idea to stretch you budget a little bit instead of buying a low quality product for your spa. After all, the spa business runs on reputation. If your chairs are old and look unkempt, your customers would be reluctant to come in for pedicures. It’s a good idea to talk to an expert about how you can buy chairs that would fit into your budget and still look great in your salon.


The first thing you need to consider is if you have enough space for your new pedicure chairs. Spa can be busy at times, with a customer customer and switchers. That’s why you need to have space for everyone to move freely from one place to other. Without smooth flow of movement in your salon, the possibility of accidents rises.

Before buying new chairs, you have to see how large space that you have. If you really want new chairs, you have to think about if you need to redesign your space or not. That will be add your additional cost, but it will also a new customers.

Do our research

Once you’ve decided that you need spa chairs, it’s time to do some research. There are several companies that manufacture them, and choosing the right one amongst them can be a little difficult. There are some companies that don’t just offer good quality products, but also great customer service. Customer service is important as pedicure chairs are connected to your income. If they stop working, you lose revenue. You need great customer service to fix the problem quickly.

These companies can help.

See more companies on

They provide a wide range kinds of pedicure chair that can fit different budgets . You should do some research on what kind you want. You can read the reviews, browse the website, and even askyour fellow spa owners for their opinions. That would ensure that you make the right decision. It’s also a good idea to consider the warranty provided by these companies.

You can also see how these chairs perform by visiting booking a pedicure appointment at a spa that has one. All of this would help you decide whether buying one is a good decision for you.

James Adcock