Your Nails, Even If They Are Short, Are Beautiful!!

Apply The Color And Show Them!

Short nails are always fashionable. The reasons for wearing them short may be different: tasks requiring short nails, brittle nails or just a matter of taste. The trick to give them a flawless appearance is to take care of the cuticles and moisturize the nails properly, they must be well

smoothed and you must always take care of your hands (exfoliate and moisturize them daily).

Neat Hands And Flawless Nails Represent Elegance At First Sight.

Neat hands and flawless nails represent elegance at first glance, all seasoned with subtle movements as you speak and appropriate complements (ostentatious rings in long, subtle hands in short hands). In the world of fashion or in the major spheres of politics and business, it is very normal to wear short nails, but always cut and with the right nail polish. Remember that you must protect your hands and nails with gloves when performing tasks that require effort; keep them young and avoid the aggressions of the skin (redness and chapped skin). Protect yourself from the sun with creams containing sunscreen, you will avoid the formation of stains on the hands.

Nail polish, which par excellence enhances the beauty of short nails, pastel shades, has the effect of making nails impeccable and lengthens visually. Although you can always choose a nail polish in red for special occasions. Always be confident with your set of nails, no matter how short or long you can make it look better!