Woods Lamp

A woods lamp is an ultraviolet light used to detect bacteria, fungal, or Vitiligo skin infections. The patient will be taken to a dark room such as a doctors office or dermatologists office. The lamp will be moved about the skin as far back as 5 inches, allowing this to be a painless procedure.

Within a few minutes, or less, infected skin will change color or glow under the UV light, but not all bacteria will glow during this test. Normal areas of the skin will not glow. The only caution is to not look directly into the lamp’s light.

Also, it’s best to not apply any lotions, makeup, or cleansers to the skin so it won’t cause false results. Depending on the reading, the doctor/aesthetician may perform other steps for treatment.

This product, also known as the black light lamp can be found on Spasalon.us.