What you need to know about Pipe less Pedicure Chairs?

When most people think of going to the salon to get a nice, relaxing pedicure at the nail salon, they usually don’t consider the possible bacteria and fungus that could result from this seemingly comforting and “clean” experience. However, the risk of such infections is likely, depending on the pedicure chairs and tools used in the salon. But, there is a solution. While most pedicure chairs have pipe jets, the solution is to go pipe less. Here is the difference: Many chairs come with pipe less jets, meaning that the jets themselves do not supplied water via an internal piping or hose system. This allows keeping bacteria down .In contrary, Piped jets also called Standard jets supplied water via convoluted matrix of pipes and hoses thus increasing the possibilities of bacteria build up in the inner workings. This in turn increases the risk of infection when using chairs that have standard jets.

A traditional pedicure chair with jets has a pump and a network of pipes to create jets and water movement. The problem with this system is that they are both loud and hard to clean. This means that bacteria can build up inside of the pipes and transfer from client to client through the water. A pipe less pedicure chair on the other hand, uses a propeller that moves the water within the tub to create the same jet feel without the noise and without water moving through the pipes where bacteria can collect. So, next time you walk in to a nail salon for a pedicure, make sure your first question is “Do you have pipe less pedicure chairs? .A pipe less pedicure refers to a specific type of spa equipment that gives the customer a foot bath. Instead of the water being piped in and out, the water is fully replaced between each use. That is why the spa or salon must have the highest standards for cleanliness and hygiene. In response to more stringent health guidelines for spas, we recommend the foot baths and the Lower cost Pipe less pedicure bowls.

This new trend in nail care provides clients an opportunity to receive the treatment they deserve and pay for the most sanitary way. So now, our clients can enjoy the same experience in a clean and bacteria-free environment. In addition, we also recommend our new state-of-the-art; affordable pedicure chairs that come with a full body shiatsu massage. That create the ultimate relaxing experience for our guests.

When a foot bath is over, skin oils, dead skin cells, and hair are left in the bowl. This makes the water unsanitary, so the bowl must be cleaned and sanitized between each use. The pipes that carry water from the pedicure bowl, as well as from the water jets, also need to be cleaned periodically. This can be a messy and time-consuming process for salons. Many manufacturers of pipe less pedicure equipment claim that some salons do not perform this task properly, leading to unsanitary conditions.

That is why we recommend a pipe less pedicure with a single pipe, which allows fresh water to flow into the bowl. The water jets move the water within the closed bowl, instead of pumping more in. The bowl is then removed for cleaning and sanitizing, a much easier task than cleaning out pipes. In some models, the water jet mechanisms are also easily removed for cleaning. Another benefit of pipe less pedicure equipment is a quieter operation, as the absence of pumps and blowers decreases noise. This allows for a more soothing spa experience. That why we highly recommend the: affordable Pedicure Portable Foot Spa: It is compact and lightweight. It has a removable tub that is easy to clean and refill. There is no plumbing or installation required because it does not have any hoses or external connections. This eco-friendly foot spa only uses 1.5 gallons of water, which is 80% less water than a larger spa. It also has disposable liners that are 100% recyclable.

Another kind of Pipe less pedicure found at half price is just a simple bowl. It is a freestanding basin which can be filled at a sink, then placed on the floor for a pedicure. A customer can also immerse their hands in the bowl for a manicure. These bowls may or may not have jets. Some of these types of portable spa equipment have been marketed for private use. In conclusion, there are benefits and disadvantages to getting a pipes less pedicure chairs. Always make sure to contact a licensed Plumber.