Tips on what to look for when openning your salon

There are so many things you need to know, that we couldn’t possibly cover it once. So Below, we put together some informative tips for you to think about before you go and open your dream salon.

tips on  what to look for when

The first thing is obviously finding a suitable location. Knowing where to place your salon is very important. Location is important in your business because if you are depending on walk-ins for your salon, then you want to make sure you have a street front type of location. If you are a person who already has an existing clientele and a lot of the people that are going to be working at your salon has existing clientele then possibly being on the street or having street frontage, is not as important. Location is also important because you want to make sure you are in an area that is reaching your demographic or target market that has the income. We also aware that you need to fill your space/location with salon equipment. As an extra bonus, you can also find these styling chairs at lower cost at Spa Salon Us.

The second tip is: understanding what type of licensing you need.  If you are in the state of Georgia, for instance, before you open a hair salon you don’t necessarily have to be a master cosmetologist or licensed beauty professional in order to open a salon if you are not planning on working from behind the chair. However, you do need a salon shop license from state board. So you want to make sure no matter where you are that you check with your local state board of cosmetology and see if they require you to have a salon shop license in order to operate your hair salon. You may need, if you plan on selling retail product, you will need your state tax license so that you can collect taxes.

The third tip you want to look at is: what type of concept you are going to have. Are you going to be a traditional, commission based salon? Are you going to be a booth rental salon? Are you going to actually open a salon suite?  So you need to understand and know which one you would like to move forward with, so you can start preparing what your pricing structure is going to be, if it is commissioned based, what your rent is going to be, if it is booth rental or if it is suites, how long your agreements are going to be, and how much is it going to cost someone to rent suites from you.

The fourth tip is going to be: what products are you going to sell at your salon? And how many product lines you should have. Knowing what types of products are going to be available is important. You don’t want to have everything. And also limit yourself to about three no more than four product lines in your facility .Actually we would suggest two to three. For instance, if you are a L’Oréal type concept salon or if you are a Redkin then have those products available.

The last and final tip to ensure that you are successful with your salon is creating your pricing schedule. Your pricing schedule should be for your products and for your services that you are going to provide at your salon. You need to be clear on how much a hair cut costs, how much coloring costs,etc then you want to have it posted in your business ; but before you can post it in your business you have to know what you are going “to charge”.

In addition, you have to do some research. You may check out the other salons in the area.  You can also check with your distributor and they can give you a suggested retail price list. However, there are other things you want to know and have before opening the doors to your business. As a salon Owner, We know that you would be buying different equipments. So therefore, we recommend: The shampoo backwash at an affordable price. Please be advised that, there is so much more to opening a salon; however, these tips will give you a start and get you thinking on the process and what you need to do before opening your business.