Support your local small businesses and they’ll support you

About 63% of new jobs are created from small businesses, small businesses probably just like your Salon and Spa. That’s why it is important and beneficial to support other small businesses especially those within your community, not only will it help build and maintain your clientele but it is also a great source for networking.  This is a great way to get to know your neighbors so you can remain in contact with each other.  You may be able to partner with each other to promote specials or bundles within your businesses, which will help to boost business for everyone involved.  Just by supporting other small businesses you’re supporting your community.  Remember you don’t have to remain a small business forever, many big well-known companies started out small too.

Support your local small businesses

Talking about supporting your community, it’s the best way to show the citizens within your community that your company exist.  Get involved in community functions, by giving back and advertising in local circulars.  Have a Spa or Spa and Salon day for single moms by teaming up with a local charity or run discounted specials in the local circular.  This is the perfect marketing tool and a wonderful way to show that your company cares!  Your community members will respect you and your business so much more, which in turn will increase business.