Spa Salon Marketing Secrets

There are lots of great spa salon marketing secrets, and learning and implementing them can mean the difference between success and failure in this industry.  Getting the best clients and keeping them is the goal, and here are a couple of great ideas for you to try out!  These two techniques have been used by many successful salons, and they should help yours also.


These two marketing strategies may even be able to help you establish double digit growth as you implement them over time.



Using Groupon as a marketing strategy can help your salon become very successful. This form of advertising is an incredible way to increase your sales on a huge level. One salon I know of has been featured ten times on the Groupon site and has also sold 52,000 Groupon vouchers to over 25,000 unique clients generating a cash revenue of $1,440,000! With the right data sampling, we have seen that half of the customers coming in from Groupon are new clients and that the average order total from a Groupon buyer is perceptibly higher than the average from other non-Groupon customers. Don’t limit your Groupons to new customers, because you will have many current clients that will use them to increase their number of salon appointments due to the discounts offered. Pay a little more to be featured, and you will reap the benefits! Customers will also have the chance to try some recommended products if you offer them a discount when they use Groupon!




Companies have reported that the single most important contributing factor to their recent growth has been the use of Facebook as a social media tool! When you start building your fan base, it can quickly snowball into tens of thousands of fans, if not more! When you have a large fan base like this, you are able to use your page to actively discount services that show signs of slowing demand. It works like this… You would review the next day’s appointments each night, identifying any unfilled appointment slots. Then, you would just promote these services on your Facebook page. This is a great way to let people know of open slots on a short basis, and they will take you up on it if they have some free time! These Facebook hookups really work, and if you promote them regularly you will definitely notice a big difference in your bookings! As an example, if you have 12 manicure openings for tomorrow, you can post info to Facebook tonight and promote that service at a 30% – 40% discount for tomorrow only. This will allow you to let customers know about your openings, but also to let them try new services to see how they like them! Also, having a Facebook page will allow you to interact with your customers and answer any questions they might have about your salon or products. When a client asks a question, it is also seen by many other current or potential clients, and they will also get the benefit when you post a reply. This is the kind of community belonging that you want to foster in your followers, and it will help bring in more unity and loyalty. Don’t overlook Facebook as a fantastic tool to grow your business!