Spa Pedicure Chair Massage System

One of the most favored parts of going to your local Spa and Salon is receiving the massage during your pedicure. After a long day of work or running errands, it’s the best pampering choice for a quick pick me up. It provides a relaxing sensation while improving circulation and reducing the anxieties of life to help with a better night’s sleep.

Each time you sit in one of the massage chairs, you are given the remote that will allow you to control the level of your comfort for the next 30minutes. That remote holds the power to receiving your very own customized massage. Not many people know the difference between what each of those buttons can do.

Here are brief descriptions of the common options so you know exactly what to select next time:

  1. Kneading – gentle, firm squeeze or pinch while lifting and stretching in a circular motion
  2. Percussion – rapid tapping at different intensities
  3. Rolling – compressing of the skin and underlying tissue to help release knots, warms muscles to prepare for deep tissue massage
  4. Pressing – loosens up tight spots by focusing on pressure put on specific areas
  5. Stretching – muscles are gently pushed/stretched a little beyond normal range to increase flexibility
  6. Compression – alternating strokes with the rocking back and forth motion