Spa Pedicure Chair – is considered as a Beauty Treatment for your nails and feet.

Beauty Treatment for your nails and feet.

Pedicure is a method of treatment for your feet. It helps you improve your nails and feet. It also protects your foot from getting any kind of nail infection. One of the methods of pedicure includes a warm aromatherapy in which your feet are soaked in the water and this helps in soothing your skin underneath the feet. The pedicure therapy also includes massaging of your knees and toes and polishing your nails. Nowadays, the developing technology has affected the spa world in a good way and so; here are some of the various types of spa pedicure chair for your feet. They are mentioned below:

Spa Pedicure Chair for Your Feet and nails:  The main purpose of this spa pedicure chair is employed for relaxation and massage for your feet. The materials used for this chair are: polyurethane leather, solid wood and it is available in various colors like red, blue, white …. The features of this pedicure chairs are: they have pipeless and they provide massages like tapping, kneading, vibration and tour pinching massage. We recommend these spa pedicure chairs at whole sale price.

Spa pedicure chair has Electricity in foot: The material used for the electric foot spa chair is acrylic. It consists of air bottom which controls the power of pipeless jet. It has hot and cold water valve and it has water discharging facility. They have spout for water inlet and sprayer head for cleaning after work.

The color red and hot spa pedicure chair: The material used for the tub of red and hot pedicure chair is fiberglass. It is equipped with two ways of sprayer head and three ways of distributor valve. The tub of red and hot pedicure chair has hot and cold water faucet and the foot rest can be lifted up and go down up to two levels. The red and hot pedicure spa chair also contains light emitting diode lamps which can change into many jarring opinions of colors. They even have a water discharging system. The chair is equipped with five motor controls and four driver wheels with a massaging system. Pedicure chairs have a vibrating massaging seat and a client can use remote control with LCD screen. Please click here for more affordable remote control.