Safety First

The safety and health of you, your employees, & your customers should always be a top priority.  Here are just a few tips and reminders to implement at your Spa and Salon:

Safely store and label hazardous materials

Use as many non-hazardous chemically derived products as possible

Wear protective mask when applying acrylic to protect yourself from breathing in too much of the fumes and dust. Open doors or windows as needed

Did you know cloth and medical mask do not provide salon techs with the necessary protection needed from fumes and dust? Per OSHA only NIOSH-approved filtering face piece respirators should be used aka dust masks

Safety First

Wash your hands between every customer, after meals, & after every restroom break

Per OSHA proper ventilation throughout the salon is necessary and should be well maintained including your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system and ventilated tables and

Get fresh air as often as possible to relieve yourself of the salon chemicals

With these tips in place it will create a healthier and safer working environment for you and your staff and a much more relaxing place of refuge for customers!