Pipeless pedicure chairs vs. Piped-in

Pipeless pedicure chairs refer to a specific type of spa equipment that gives the customer a foot bath. Instead of the water being piped in and out, the water is fully replaced between each use. Pipeless pedicure bowls and foot baths were developed in response to more stringent health guidelines for spas.

Relaxing Feet in Pipeless Pedicure chairs Treatment
Relaxing Feet in Pipeless Pedicure chairs Treatment

How pipeless pedicure chairs help you stay in spa beauty industry

When a foot bath in pipeless pedicure chairs is used up, skin oils, dead skin cells, and hair are left in the pedicure bowl. This makes the water unsanitary. So the bowl must be cleaned and sanitized between each use. In piped-in pedicure chairs, the pipes that carry water from the pedicure bowl, as well as from the water jets, also need to be cleaned periodically. This is considered messy and time-consuming process for many salons. Removing all traces of bacteria in the internal pipes is an impossible thing to do.  Many salons don’t take them apart and clean them as thoroughly as their state boards require. Many manufacturers of pipeless pedicure chairs claim that some salons do not perform this task properly. This leads to unsanitary conditions in pedicure treatment. And it causes pedicure infection. Pedicure infection has been a spreading disease due to uncleaned pedicure bowls.  It’s not a state requirement to have pipeless pedicure chairs. It is a trend that is good for the health and safety of the spa clients.To stay in the spa beauty industry, one should follow guidelines for clean pedicure chairs. Many nail salons are cited for sanitation of their pedicure chairs. So pipeless pedicure chairs would be a smarter choice for all salons today.

How pipeless pedicure chairs are cleaner than piped-in pedicure chairs

Different from piped-in pedicure chairs , pipeless pedicure chairs may only have a single pipe. This allows fresh water to flow into the bowl. The water jets move the water within the closed bowl. instead of pumping move in, there are no inner pipes connected, no hoses, no bacteria to clean except in the foot basin of a pedicure chair  The bowl is then removed for cleaning and sanitizing. This is a much easier task than cleaning out pipes. In some models, the water jet mechanisms are also easily removed for cleaning. In another word, the main difference between pipeless pedicure chairs and piped – in pedicure chairs is with the jets. A traditional piped – in pedicure chair has a pump and a network of pipes to create the jets. Pipeless pedicure chairs have a bowl with some type of propeller that move the water within the bowl. This creates the jet feel and has no water flowing in pipes. With that, bacteria cannot accumulate.

Another touted benefit of pipless pedicure chairs is a quieter operation. The absence of pumps and blowers decreases noise. This allows for a more soothing spa experience. However, the amount of noise any type of equipment will make varies by the manufacturer’s guidelines.