Spa and Salon Pedicures have advanced from just the traditional foot soak, clipping of the toe nails, and polishing of the toes to more rejuvenating and therapeutic treatments. Some may include a few additional bells and whistles such as callus removal or sugar scrub and others can be a little bit more innovative.


Paraffin wax does wonders for the hands and feet as well. It is a warming soothing treatment that relieves aching joints and improves circulation while softening rough skin. Great for temporary arthritis relief and joint sprains.  Works best before a spa and salon pedicure treatment as the removal of dead skin will be much easier.

Fish Pedicure consists of the use of the Garra rufu fish.  This form of pedicure treatment has a few outstanding health claims per WebMD, such as blood flow stimulation and enhanced circulation.  The fishes suck and gently nibble away at dead skin which also reduces foot odor, and can even stimulate acupuncture points helping to regulate the nervous system and relax the body. This treatment may not be legal in your state or country.

Would you consider adding these two pedicure treatments to your Spa and Salon Menu?