Pedicure chairs – Pipeless quick update

Simple introduction on pipeless pedicure chairs

relaxing fresh pedicure chairs
relaxing fresh pedicure chairs

Pipeless pedicure chairs are the newest advancements in pedicure chairs. With these chairs, no pipes or pumps are necessary to create the jet flows. Instead, pipeless pedicure chairs are equipped with rotating mechanisms that move the water around in the foot basin. A pipeless system has a pedicure bowl with some type of propeller that moves the water within the bowl, creating the jet feel but without the water moving through pipes where bacteria can collect. Pipe-less jet system is easier to clean and disinfect .Because there are no pipes, there is less chance for bacteria to build up in the system. Pipes supply water to the basin, but it is only fresh water that has not been possibly contaminated with bacteria or other harmful materials. The fresh pedicure water does still come in through pipes and there is a power drain.The pipe-less jet system is running whirlpool with a jet impeller placed right inside the foot basin of a chair. This means there are no inner pipes connected.

Kinds of pipeless pedicure chairs

In high-end salons, there are often pipeless pedicure chairs. The chair in which the customer sits is padded and cushioned and has a stand on which the pedicure bowl can be placed. After the pedicure is finished, the bowl is removed for cleaning. Many salon chairs also can massage the customer, or provide heated seats to soothe the legs, shoulders, and back while the pedicure is being performed. Another kind of pipeless pedicure is with just a simple pedicure bowl. It is a freestanding basin which can be filled at a sink, then placed on the floor for a pedicure. A customer can also immerse their hands in the bowl for a manicure. These bowls may or may not have jets. Some of these types of portable spa equipment have been marketed for private use.

Update on the latest pipeless pedicure chairs.

Let’s take a brief look at a few of the latest innovations. The spa-type chairs are very popular. The backrest is egg-shaped and some of them have state-of-the-art speakers built in. They also have an iPod dock so that your customers can relax and listen to music while their feet are getting titivated. Apparently, there’s one due for release soon that even has a mini-laptop so clients can watch movies or surf the web. The unique conical shape of spa-chairs prevents any music or other sounds worrying other clients. To ensure the highest degree of sanitization, they have disposable liners and cleaning jets. There are all kinds of chairs to suit the varying needs of salons. Some have a neat footprint so they can easily fit into salons that are short of floor space. Others are luxurious with plush leather seats and relaxing LED lights. If you also do manicures, you’ll love the double-motored Shiatsu massage chair with armrests that convert into little tables. A manicure can be easily performed from the side.
One manufacturer has produced an all-purpose, economical recliner that also has a dock for a portable unit. These chairs are super lightweight and they also swivel, making them completely versatile. They can be used for pedicures, manicures, facials, and hairstyling.
In addition, they are great for technicians who prefer using smaller chairs. To add to the pleasurable experience, the recliner model has a massager and a foot heater. When you place a disposable liner filled with water on top, it becomes a soothing, vibrating, warming piece of machinery. The reclining range is 150 degrees and the swiveling range is 360 degrees. Best of all, no plumbing is required.
Above are the features of pipeless pedicure chairs that you might need to update yourself with.You can choose your own design, size, color, and fabric to suit the decor and setting of your salon. Next post will be about considering buying pipeless pedicure chairs for your salon.