Pedicure Equipment

pedicure equimentPedicure equipment is anything that is used in the process before, during, and after a pedicure. It is generally used to describe the furnishings (pedicure spa chair, like the one shown to the right), but it also includes portable pedicure bowls, foot massagers, and implements designed for use on the feet.

You always move and your pedicure maybe hurt. you need care it, if have good pedicure you can do every thing you can, run, walk… so not everybody know care pedicure.

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Pedicures and Relaxation

A home pedicure is the ideal way to relax and feel pampered without spending much money. Spa visits are expensive and, usually, reserved for special occasions. The home pedicure is very easily performed at home giving the same relaxation and pampered feeling.

A nice, relaxing pedicure aids in calming the body and mind and a boost in emotional health and well being.

Let’s face it, our feet work very hard and it’s easy for the nails and texture of the skin around the nails to become rough and unsightly.

You will find that the average home has everything you need to perform a pedicure at home. You will need a small tub, preferably one that performs a vibrating action, a soak mixture which you can purchase or make yourself, a towel, an exfoliator, a good book and your chosen, relaxing music along with a glass of your favorite wine.

One of the goals of your home pedicure is to relax completely without looking at your watch and being aware of time.

Fill the tub with a favorite bath soak. If you decide to make your own rather than purchase it, the two following are good soaks–1 cup honey and 1 gallon warm water and the second recipe–1/2 cup Epsom salts and 1/2 dozen drops of peppermint extract. Sit in a high back, gentle music, comfortable chair with your feet in the small tub and relax to the sound of your favorite, which provides the ultimate relaxation. Begin massaging your calves with the exfoliator using a circular motion. A small neck pillow is a perfect asset to feeling pampered after a period of relaxing and soaking.

Relax, take your time to enjoy. Dead skin and grunge will be removed by the process encouraging blood flow. Your skin will look and feel totally refreshed.

Sit back, relax and enjoy your time of total rejuvenation. Free your mind of anything and everything. Remember this is your time. Once you feel refreshed and renewed, it’s time to moisturize your skin. One of the best things for long lasting skin rejuvenation is virgin coconut oil.

Now you’re ready to clean the coconut oil moisturizer from your toenails with nail polish remover so that the nail polish will adhere to the nails.

A pedicure at home offers many options for new pedicure designs or, if you prefer, a French pedicure which is a favorite of many.

Gather the polishes to help achieve the look you decide you want and apply two coats of polish and dry thoroughly. Now you are ready to enjoy your freshly done home pedicure and probably a pair of the newest, fashion forward sandals.

How To Give Yourself an At-Home Pedicure

There is nothing better than a pedicure; your feet feel soft, smooth and toes ready for sandals. I’m always amazed at just how great one little treatment can make me feel. It makes me wonder why we don’t take better care of ourselves at home.

How often do you curl up on the couch to watch tivi or film? Why you don’t care pedicure! I promise you won’t regret it. This will prolong your pedicure visits and save money. Do as I sometimes do and grab you husband or roommate so they don’t miss out on happy feet.

We start:

Soak your feet in warm water for at least 10 minutes. This is the good time to just sit read book and say “ah”. You can use any bowl or dish that your feet will fit into; I use a pedicure chair. To help reduce swelling in your feet and ankles, add a quarter cup or so of epsom salts into your water or splurge on a great foot soak. Swirl around with your toes until it dissolves.

Cling exfoliate your skin, concentrating on the calluses. This is the time you really want to concentrate on. You have any different options when it comes to exfoliating tools. Use a damp pumice stone or foot file to scrub down your entire foot. Everyone has areas that need to be filed down, so really take your time. Rub the foot scrub on your feet to get a basic exfoliation all over and then scrub over your calluses with the foot file. When you are done scrubbing, rinse and dry your feet.

Use moisturize with an intense moisturizer. You can use your favorite moisturizer or get something specifically for your feet. I like using peppermint lotions on my feet, happy after soaking in warm water. The cooling sensation peppermint has lasts long after your soak.

Now we start paint your toenails. An option step, of course. Everyone can pull off bold colors on their toenails, even if they only wear clear on their fingernails. OPI always cracks me up with their color names.

What You Need to done

A tub to soak your feet or pedicure chair
Pumice or foot file
Foot Scrub
Nail Polish

How to Do a Pedicure

Get a pedicure tub ready ,add some bath salts, aloe vera gel, blue soak, or mild soap.

Use any way remove any existing nail polish.

Trim your nails straight across and file them .

File the heels of your feet with a pumice stone or scrub and scrub legs and heels.

Soak your feet in warm water for 5 to 10 minutes.Use Foot scrub, massage and exfoliate the feet. Apply foot mask and wrap in glad-wrap, but leave all toes open.

Take one foot out at a time and wipe around each nail with a dry clean towel.

Cut or file each nail , then push back your cuticles with a wooden nail cleaner stick and file excess nail exposed from soaking.

Gently clean dirt from under each nail.

If your toenails are yellow, soak them in lemon juice for 10 min.

Do a 5 to 10 minute massage (using moisturizer if needed) on each foot.


Wipe toes with polish remover to remove any oil and then apply base coat. When it is dry, apply one coat of your selected nail polish. Let dry. Apply another coat, let dry, then apply a top coat .

If you want your pedicure to last, apply clear nail polish every two days and moisturizer daily.
done 😛


Pedicure Chair

Every salon needs to ensure that their clients are comfortable and yet still accessible to stylists and treating professionals. The right pedicure chair will help to enhance a client’s enjoyment of the procedure and still keep their feet within easy reach of the technician. This means it’s important to consider the material, the slant of the chair, and how easy it is to maneuver around.

A pedicure chair is basically any type of seating station to perform pedicures at nail salons.  A basic pedicure chair is normally equipped with a back massage, a foot basin, a faucet, etc.  Today’s they are priced from $3000 up $10000, depend on their designs, and the types of system equipped on a pedicure chair.  Here are some important factors that you need to consider before purchasing   pedicure chairs for your salon.

What is the difference between piped jet and pipeless jet?

The traditional pedicure chair is equipped with piped jet system.  A piped jet system is running whirlpool by a large pump placed under the pedicure chair. There are usually four to six hoses connect from this large pump to the foot basin to circulate water in the basin. Internal piping or hoses, hiding deep within the structure of a chair is very hard to clean. The only way to clean such piping would be to flush disinfectant through the inner pipes but then there is no guarantee that all traces of bacteria have been removed.  Most of pedicure infections are occurred in piped jet systems of a pedicure chair.

The modern pedicure chair is equipped with pipeless jet system.

The pipeless jet system is running whirlpool with a jet impeller placed right inside the foot basin of a chair. This means there are no inner pipes connected. Since there are no hoses, therefore there are no bacteria to clean except in the foot basin of a pedicure chair. Pipeless jet system is easier to clean and disinfect. So pipeless jet system would be a smarter choice for all salons today.

 What is a full function massage system in?

A full functional massage system is made by most leading manufacturers. A pedicure chair equips with a full functional massage gives a professional human techniques from shiatsu massage, like compression, kneading, percussion, rolling, and tapping. Manufacturers do this by including massage elements like rollers and discs, which can feel  very human, within the backrests, neck rests and other areas along with vibrators in the seat and back area to give sort of a full body massage while the person relaxing on a pedicure chair.

What is the roller massage?

A roller massage system is a traditional back massage system of a pedicure chair. It comes with four functional massages: up/down rolling with four wheels, vibration, and density. The disadvantage of the roller massage system is the limitation of its function and its durability. Because there is no kneading or tapping functions, most people don’t feel much of shiatsu massages. The material of a rod roller massage is made mostly of plastic so its average lifetime is less than a year. Most pedicure chair manufacturers stopped manufacture rod roller massage six  years ago.

How to Find Nail salon

nail salonWhen deciding what nail salon to choose it is imperative that you do your research. There is nothing worse that choosing the wrong place and getting a poor manicure or pedicure. The repercussions can range from an ugly manicure or pedicure to a serious infection. Currently localities are requiring more and more that these nail salons be licensed and inspected periodically for compliance with sanitization standards. The fact that using cutting tools on the skin can create an opportunity for infection is the primary concern for lawmakers.

Once you’ve found a licensed nail salon the next step may or may not be the location. Obviously, it needs to be convenient for you patronize. Driving an extra 50 minutes is not an issue if you’ve found the right place! Once you’ve found the right nail salon you will probably never ever leave them. Your relationship with the manicurist or pedicurist is extremely important and should never be overlooked. Since you will be getting a pedicure and manicure regularly you’ll be spending a lot of time with these people. You must enjoy being with them!

When you enter the nail salon look around. Does it look clean? Does it appear to be sanitary and tidy? These are the first clues to the conscientiousness of the employees and you can expect the same in the work they do for you. If the manicurist or pedicurist is tidy and keeps and clean work station you can expect a professional job. On the other hand, if the area is unkempt and dirty, you can expect that they don’t follow the sanitary guidelines they are supposed to and will put you in jeopardy.

Do they have sample of their work for you to see? Look for photos of happy clients and pictures of the work they’ve done. You may want to look for an internet presence also. If they have spent the time and effort to put together a comprehensive website then you know that they expect to be in business for a while and are trying to build a reputation. If the webpage is just a generic free page you can assume that they are not putting any effort into building a business.

Look for references. Find out what other clients think of them. If they are not very good you know someone is squawking about it somewhere. Check the Better Business Bureau and local commerce sites to find out how viable and legitimate this business truly is. Do they advertise in the yellow pages? If you put their name in an internet search do they come up?

Do they offer other services and products? You don’t want to frequent a nail salon that doesn’t have focus. If they have other things for sale like life insurance, laundry detergent, or other non-related items, you can assume they are not focused. If, however, they have related articles for sale, you can assume that the business is focused. If the business is focused then it knows the nail salon business! You should see nail polish, files, nail clippers, hand and foot lotion, pedicure chair, nail chair , and other manicure and pedicure related products for sale. These items are part of their overall business plan and reveal a focused business.

Shopping for a nail salon is an individual thing, but these guidelines should get you started to find the right nail salon for you.

Things to Know When Buying a Pedicure chairs

2-pedi-spa-l-240If you’re looking for eco-friendly products, make sure to ask the manufacturer if they use recycled materials, or anything that is environmentally friendly. You can also find pedicure spas that use less water and less energy. The average pedicure spa uses 5 to 6 gallons of water; if you purchase one that has a smaller bowl or lower jets, you’ll use even less!
When financing pedicure spas, try to partner with distributors or finance companies that are familiar with salons and their specific needs. At least one finance company out there adjusts salon payments according to busy and slow seasons.
Make sure to become acquainted with the exact terms of the warranty on any pedicure spa being considered; some cover labor AND parts. Some cover only parts, and some will charge shipping costs, which can cost hundreds—perhaps even thousands—of dollars over time.

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Relaxing Pedicure Chairs from Spasalon US
Relaxing Pedicure Chairs from Spasalon US


Relaxing Pedicure Chairs from Spasalon US

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Spasalon US is an official stockist for all spa pedicure chair collections listed on this website. Established in 2004, is a leading retailer of brand name designer pedicure chairs, and is also the US’s most visited independent equipment for spa salon website*.

We Spasalon US pride ourselves on having one of the most efficient shopping systems available with communication at every stage to inform you of your order status, as well as excellent 7-days sales, customer service and support team who are glad to assist you with any inquiry or problem, should one arise.
We offer various quick and easy payment options. We work with GOOGLE(tm) to ensure that all of your payment are easily and securely processed.
We accept all major credit cards, business checks, money orders, and cashier checks. We also offer various Financing/Leasing options for your purchases.

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