Modern Spa Trends: Pedicure Benches

Are you looking for a way to update your spa or salon? Revamping your space is a great way to entice new customers and keep your current clientele intrigued. Perhaps your pedicure chairs are outdated and require too much maintenance. One way you can jazz up your space and upgrade your equipment is to invest in pedicure benches. Pedicure benches are sleek and stylish. They are the epitome of customizable luxury.

Pedicure Benches

You can space pedicure benches apart like traditional spa pedicure chairs, or you can line them up next to each other to create a modern, relaxing, art deco kind of look.  The look you are going for is totally up to you. Customizable pedicure benches give you the freedom to design your space exactly the way you want it.  You also retain all the features of a traditional pedicure chair, as many of the benches come with massage options, armrests, and pipeless jet whirlpool tubs—equipped with beautiful faucet features.  Pedicure benches are a step up from traditional pedicure chairs.  Spa Salon US has a wide variety of fully customizable pedicure benches.  Check out our site, and let us help you transform your salon or spa into a luxurious, getaway for your clients!