Lotion Heaters

(This lotion heater can be found on Spasalon.us)

Lotion heaters are mostly used and talked about during the winter months. No one likes slathering cold cream over their body after stepping out of a nice warm bath or shower. When being pampered, there’s nothing worse than getting the chills from the massage therapist or nail tech application of cold lotion, oil, or cream.

Warmed lotion can be more soothing on the body and tired muscles. It gives deeper hydration to dry or chapped skin by being easily absorbed. After a shower, doing dishes, or simply washing hands, applying warm lotion will seal in moisture and help prevent the hands or body from drying out.

There are professional lotion heaters and personal heaters sold for the home. You must add your chosen lotion to the dispenser and after about 2 mins or less, begin to feel the enjoyment of the warming sensation.