Joy with The Mini JOY!

Joy with The Mini JOY

There is an increase at the salon/spa for kids manicure and pedicure.  As a salon owner, you should definitely consider purchasing some spa pedicure chairs for kids at an affordable price.

A study showed the percentage of U.S. spas offering services for children younger than 13 doubled in 2013.So therefore, why do salon Owners should invest in Kids pedicure chairs? We will mention many facts by both salon owners and customers that will show why it is a great investment … But first According to the International SPA Association 2013,:28 percent of U.S. spas offer treatments specifically designed for children under 13; 46 percent offer treatments designed for teenagers. Those numbers have increased over the previous year, when only 12 percent offered children’s treatments and 29 percent had treatments for teens.

However, it seems like no matter where you look your budget will not allow you to purchase one for right now? Spa pedicure chairs for kids can often be pretty pricey even when buying wholesale.   Most spa pedicure chairs have all the same features as the adult chairs so you pay for the quality of the chair you are looking to purchase. Do not fret, we recommend an affordable option to get you: the Mini joy spa pedicure seat which is one great option for your tiny clients that will get you by until you are ready to get one that suit all your needs.

Before you can purchase other options like this affordable pedicure chairs for kids. Many salon owners think that the Mini Joy spa pedicure seat: is an excellent cost efficient to you salon to suit your clients every need.