Indoor Water Fountains

Tabletop, wall mount, or floor are the indoor water fountains styles. They are very budget friendly, but some can be more expensive. Before purchasing, consider where in your home or business you will place the fountain. Will it need to be out of reach of children or pets? Do you have a space picked out on a  counter-top? Is there a wall ready for the new addition?

Here are a few examples of the different styles:

Table Top – This style will be more affordable and convenient in any location

Mini Moonshadow With Light

Wall Mount – This style will take up less usable space in your location

Large Sycamore Springs (Coppervein)

Floor – This style will tend to be more extravagant

GF8SG Gardenfall with Fire Kit

Whichever style you choose, they all will have many of the same benefits, such as adding decor to any room, enhanced relaxation with the soothing sounds, and humidifier attributes by removing dust and allergen particles out of the air. Add optional accessories such as a lighting kit or foggers for extra effects to those fountains that are capable.

Most fountains are low maintenance and easy to operate. With just a few seconds to setup, you will quickly have your own personal oasis indoors. You can find indoor water fountains on our website.