How to choose affordable pedicure chairs for your salon

how to choose affordable pedicure chairs for your salon

Finding pedicure chairs at affordable price and with the right featurescan be a tough thing to do, because of the time and effort you will need to put in. That is why; we have put together a list of important features to consider before purchasing your pedicure chair as a salon owner.

If you are a nail salon owner looking at the features below before purchasing the right pedicure chairs at a lower costcan be very helpful.

Here are the different features:

1.Pipe-less jet system is for sanitation purposes, it is important to have pipe-less jet system equipped in pedicure chairs. Pedicure chairs equipped with pipe-less jet system use a conglomerate jet device that eliminates the chance of a clog with body hair and dirt. The motor is running by an independent motor which is mounted directly to the tub, leaving no need for pipes.

2.Discharge pump is also known as a drain pump, this device pumps the water out of the basin and into a remote drain instead of a traditional drain. Used as a draining assistant, this device is only used in pedicure chairs which do not have accessible plumbing.

3.Full function:Pedicure chairs have recently been updated with Shiatsu and Human touch massage technology to offer customers a sense of comfort and relaxation while enjoying pedicure services. Rolling and vibration is outdated and no longer popular in nail salons industry. Make sure your pedicure chair has updated features and various choices for your clients.

4.Auto-Fill: Auto-fill system fills water in the basin of a pedicure chair to the proper level, and automatically starts the whirlpool. The advantage of auto-fill gives salon staffs more time to serve their clients while it fills the water in the basin. Salon staffs don’t have to wait to shut off the water.

5.Disposable Liners are widely used. T4 uses SaniSmart jets and disposable liners to keep clients safe from infection. Disposable liners help eliminate the need for scrubbing and cleaning foot basin of pedicure chairs. They also help avoid skin irritations and allergies caused by harmful chemicals used by professionals to sanitize pedicure chair tubs and between clients.

Before making your final decision, take every feature into consideration. Most of the people come to nail salons to get pedicures, because of the relaxation and comfort provide by the pedicure chairs. Without the chairs, people would rather stay home for self-services. So a pedicure chair does play an important role for your nail salon.