Hair Steamers vs Hair Dryers

Hair Steamers are a good form of deep conditioning, whether at home or at your local Spa and Salon. Steamers promote hair growth, lessens breakage, increase blood flow for circulation on the scalp, and revives hair by increasing moisture. This is all accomplished by the steam allowing the hair cuticles to open and the product to fully penetrate. To achieve good healthy hair, do not allow your session to extend 30 minutes. Too much moisture, over steaming, can cause weak, limp hair. Steaming once a week is the recommended amount that’s needed in order to maintain soft, rejuvenated hair.

TD500A Celina hair steamer


It has been an ongoing discussion about if it’s necessary to use hair steamers instead of hair dryers. It is a decision based on personal preference. I recommend for people to try each option and base their choice off which procedure worked best for their specific hair type. One thing to keep in mind is the hair dryer will be more functional than the hair steamer because you can mimic the “steaming effect” even with a hair dryer. This is accomplished by placing a warmed, wet towel around your head and covering with a plastic cap to lock in the “escaping steam” and sitting under the hair dryer.

Hair Dryers are a better, healthier alternative than direct heat. Direct heat is known to cause damage to hair when applied incorrectly. Examples of direct heat are curling irons, flat irons, and hand held blow dryers. Using hair dryers will give your hair that “salon” look, as opposed to flat and dull. If you typically go throughout your day with wet hair waiting for hours until it air dries, consider investing in a hair dryer. They are affordable and saves time!

HD30 Hair Dryer