Galvanic Current Facials

Facials can never be a bad thing right? Mostly, unless there are products being used that a person may be allergic too. One type of facial uses electrical current to produce its results. The galvanic current facial is a beauty treatment that uses small, positive and negative charges in a direct flow. The device must maintain contact with the skin to keep this current flowing without interruptions. It is a painless process that can take up to 1 hour if also combined with other parts of receiving a facial.

The electrical current reacts with a gel that helps to draw out impurities in the skin to the surface and allows trapped fluid and fat to be dispersed. This results in softer skin, unclogged pores, reduced wrinkles, tightened skin (similar to a non-surgical face lift), and elimination of excess oils. Once all of these things happen, skin care products are then applied and can penetrate deeper than just on the surface.

Although this is a painless procedure that can be used with most skin types, it’s not recommended for those who are diabetics, pregnant, or have metal plates or pin implants.