Flavored Waxing

Waxing is one of the most common methods of body hair removal specifically when it comes to facial hair. Waxing stretches and pulls the skin which results in removing the top layer of skin. This is damaging to the skin and can cause scaring.  Flavored waxing is found to be healthier and less damaging especially to the face which has the thinnest layer of skin compared to other parts of the body. This form of waxing causes less irritation and allergic reactions thanks to the natural flavors that are used.

Flavored Waxing

Flavors can consist of:

Chocolate – which hydrates and boost the skin and makes hair removal less painful

Aloe Vera – soothes the skin, has anti-inflammatory properties that firms the skin, & replaces dead skin cells

Strawberry – revitalizes and nourishes the skin, has vitamin C, and helps manage oily skin

These are just a few flavors that can be used along with a few of the benefits that they possess.  Why not implement this new method in your Spa & Salon ? Remain innovative and competitive by showing your customers that their well-being is your number one priority!