Fingernails – How Should You Take Care?

Take care nail not only cutting and painting. Regular care, also known as manicuring, will help keep them in good condition, but this does not need to be done by a specialist. Basic nail care can be done every week at home, to keep nails healthy and strong.

Instead of waiting until they’re long and need shortening, set aside a day each week to file your nails down a bit. Most people own a cutter set, but cutting is not good for them. Soft, flexible sandpaper is best for shortening and shaping nails. Metal files and clippers are damaging and harsh. Never bite your nails; It is unhygienic and it will probably cause nail hangs.

Don’t bite your fingernails. It is unsanitary and it will likely cause hang nails.

Many professional manicurists claim that nail polish protects them, while others believe it causes them to flake, crack and break. If you choose to polish your nails, use a clear base coat as well as a topcoat or clear sealer. If your nails tend to flake off or if you choose them, leave a polish. Using nail polish remover is seldom possible, as it dries out the nails and causes them to separate.

Handwashing and moisturizing are some of the most important treatments for nails. Wash your hands often with soap and clean under your nails each time you wash. Use a manicure stick or a small nail brush, if needed. For stains, use a small amount of detergent mixed with water and rub gently. Use moisturizer on your hands, fingers, nails and cuticles regularly, and remember to always drink plenty of water.

      You should use moisturizing lotion for your hands, fingers

The best care you can give your nails is to have an overall healthy body. Eat raw fruits and vegetables, and keep your diet rich in foods with silicon and calcium, such as carrots, milk and fish. Consider taking supplements like vitamin E and other oils to keep your nails strong and healthy. Regular aerobic exercise keeps blood flowing freely to all parts of the body, providing the nails with the nutrients they need.

Fingernails are an important part of the body, protecting the tips of the fingers and assisting us in picking up small objects. Keep them in good condition and they will serve you well.