Feng Shui Your Way To Salon And Spa Success

Feng Shui Your Way To Salon And Spa Success

What is Feng Shui?  Feng shui Literally, “wind water” in the Chinese language, Feng Shui is more commonly known as an ancient art and science, that deals with balancing and directing energy to promote a positive, healthy, and successful life.  In short, Feng Shui is about the directional placement of items representing the five Feng Shui elements— wood, fire, earth, metal, and water.  Proper placement of items representing these elements promotes good health and success, while misplacement of them will bring about bad Feng Shui, or bad luck.  From its inception over 3,000 years ago, the practice of Feng Shui has helped thousands of people organize their professional and personal lives in order to maximize their potential.  Your salon or spa can start to see increased profits with the implementation of just a few Feng Shui tips and tricks. Please click here to find more Feng Shui whole sale products.

Design Basics Feng Shui relies on cardinal directions illustrated on an energy map called a Bagua.  Your Bagua helps you to determine the direction of certain energies in your space.  For instance, the northern area of your salon or spa relates to career and professional life, the south to reputation and recognition, the east to family and health, and the west to children and creativity.  You can use the elements themselves or colors related to the five elements in each of these areas to direct the flow of good chi.  Chi is the life-force energy that flows through everything. There is good chi and bad chi.  Feng Shui seeks to balance this energy.  Here are five ways you can use Feng Shui design elements in your spa or salon:

Place items related to water in the northern part of your salon or spa.  You can put a water fountain there, artwork that is blue or even something sculptural that has a wavy shape.  The color blue is associated with relaxation.  Your customers will feel relaxed as soon as they enter your Salon/Spa.

The color red will promote positive recognition for your brand when placed in the southern area of your space. If this is where your pedicure chairs are located, consider upgrading them to incorporate the color red.  A red accent wall is another great, inexpensive, and trendy design option. We recommend you check these pedicure chairs at whole sale price.

Hang lush, green plants in the southeast corner of your shop.  This symbolizes growth, and growth is good.  It means more money for you!

Salons and spas are places where creativity flourishes.  Your customers rely on you to provide them with creative services that they couldn’t obtain elsewhere.  You can use metal design elements and the color white in the western sector of your Salon/Spa to enhance creative energy.  Think white receptionist desks or white manicure tables, if that applies .Make sure you have a bell or a chime that goes off when your customers enter.  Your customer’s presence is good chi. Make sure they know it by greeting them with genuine enthusiasm and warmth.

In brief, balance, Happiness, and Good Fortune for all. Good Fortune for all Feng Shui, “is just an ancient way to become more aware of your surroundings,” says Feng Shui expert Ellen Whitehurst.  By keeping your Salon/Spa clean, organized, free of dust, and by incorporating a few basic Feng Shui design elements into the overall layout of your shop, you can be sure that your customers will be positively affected.  They will appreciate your efforts and will want to spend more time at your place of business.  This will not only lead to increased happiness for you, your staff, and your clients; but it will also generate repeat and referral business.  Which is the ultimate end goal—balance and an overflowing cash register.