Discharge Pumps and Jet Systems

Discharge Pumps

A discharge pump is a fairly small water pump that pumps water out of the basin of a pedicure chair to a specific location. It’s is used when there’s no drain in the floor of the salon near the chair. Also, this pump can be used if you want to drain to an existing sink or wall drain. Although most can be placed under the chair base, they can be relocated to nearby cabinets or washroom. It’s typically easy to install, but you may want to call a local professional to check and install the plumbing for you.

Little Giant Pump Assembly

Jet Systems

Jet systems  work in a pipeless of pedicure chair. This system is what provides that whirlpool type of motion in the water when customers are getting spa pedicures. They are usually quiet as to not disturb the customers. Pipeless jet systems are easy to maintain and clean and offer a more sanitary environment. This is accomplished by the water only being supplied to the basin, not pumped in and out. It’s very important to clean all basins regularly in between each customer so no bacteria or fungus can be spread.

Magna jet motor set