Different Parts Category

Different Parts Category

There are many different parts we can choose from .Depending on what you are looking for. We will mention a few. A discharge pump kit, or a malfunctioning pedicure chair seat. We sell the best parts with the latest and greatest technologies and advancements. Whether it is Alternate discharge pump, jets, we have them and can ship them right to your door or Business. All of our parts come directly covered between three months to one year warranty from the time of purchase. Shop now and get the best parts available at a lower cost. To ease your search: An important tip to know before buying parts or searching for parts: Spa Pedicure Chair cannot be looked up by code and must go by look or name.

We put together a series of different parts category. Here are the different parts category name you might be searching before your purchase:

1. You might want to look for a pedicure chair seat, specifically the Z450 pedicure chair seat. This seat model comes with one year warranty. It is used for the Z470, Z450 and the Z430.

2. You might be looking for a Whirlpool and discharge pumps; for example, there are many options, it can be the Discharge Pump Kit, the little giant blue drain pump, or a whirlpool pump-front discharge at lower cost.

3. You might be interested in the PC boards: For instance, PC board for metropolis pedicure chair or the Diamond Kawasaki control board, or the magic pc board. We highly recommend that you also look up the pictures for each part.

4. Another category of parts can be: Footrests and Accessories: you can find the leather square footrest, footrest Mechanism, or the foot cushion for pacific 300.

5. Led light pedicure Tubs is another category that contains many parts: like the light housing, the led light for UB pedicure chair,  the Chromotherary led set, Power supply for light Kit.

6. Remote Controllers and wires category: for these parts we recommend you look up the pictures: The Spazi remote control silver, TT-350 remote cable, the sticker for recline/slide remote, or the 9600/9640 remote holder.

7. Plumbing components: in this category, there are many different parts: we will mention a few: Faucet Cartridge, jet cover-vico, shower head chrome, Italian spray head & hose, Shower stand/holder and the drain stopper gasket at lower cost, the drain knob inside the tub, the Faucet /Mixer diverter, the P-trap for pedicure chair.

8. Another category that people search for a lot is the Electrical Components: Parts like: mood light kit, adaptor for vibration massage system, power supply for floor drain,9640 circuit board, Drain Pump control box, power switch. Some of the parts, we also suggest you look them up to know what you are buying if you are not familiar with them.

9. Last but not least on the different category for the parts is the: Pedicure chair seat: You will find the: shiatsu logic full function massage chair, the kid pedi chair seat, the pacific 300seat,Platinum P20 Pedicure Massage Chair, Seat Pad 986,Full Massage Chair for Petra 500/700 PT2C.

10. Pipe less Components: In this category, the parts look a bit the same; however, they are used for different functions. So knowing their name can ease your search or the agent who is trying to assist you as well. Here are some examples of pipe less parts: Clean jet cover and retainer, Sani smart Jet, PF4 plastic dual cap cover, JJT , Motor, Magna jet Motor set.