Choosing the right massage table or chair

Choosing the right massage table or chair

Selecting the best equipment for your Spa and Salon is very important. You want a cost effective and durable massage chair. That will last several years. So how do you choose from the hundreds of equipment and furniture that is on the market?

Here are some helpful tips that we put together:

Budget – what is the most you are willing to spend?

Decide – will you use a massage table or chair (size of your Spa and Salon)

Top three – try to narrow your choices down to your top three

Research – online and visit other salons see what they’re using (may have to pay for service to find out) ask questions if you can

Tradeshows – visit nearby tradeshows if you can so you can see, touch, and ask questions

Things to keep in mind before making your Spa and Salon purchase:

  • Cost for repairs
  • Will parts be easy to find
  • What is the warranty/guarantee?
  • Will the width & height of the table be comfortable for both the customer and employee?