Children’s Manicure and Pedicure

There’s no right or wrong age for a little girl to experience her first pampering treatment. If mom is ready to spend one on one time with her daughter at the Spa and Salon, then by all means do so. It can sometimes be taken as the child is being spoiled or having money wasted on someone too young to appreciate it, but it is a personal preference.

If a child is going to receive a manicure and pedicure, make sure to call the chosen salon in advance to make sure they are kid friendly. Not all salons will carry products suitable for little ladies, but some will have a section decorated specifically for them. There are kids spa pedicure chairs designed just for their use as well as polishes. You would want to ask for any non-toxic, water based polishes.

One good thing is their services are usually cheaper than that of the adult. The time to complete their pampering is also shorter because not all tools and steps are used. For example, cutting their cuticles, applying acrylic, or using salt scrubs aren’t necessary or recommended on little girls.

This day of pampering can be special for everyone if planned properly and could be a good idea for birthday celebrations.

Mariposa IV spa pedicure chair