Calluses are an unattractive growth of thickening of the skin when excessive, consistent pressure on specific parts of the feet or hands. It’s the skin’s automatic protective response against this friction. Athletes, physical laborers, firemen, those who wear flip flops … Continued

Base Coat vs Top Coat

There is a difference between nail polish base coat and top coat. The base coat is like a primer ready to receive a layer of paint. Its ingredients are made to help the polish adhere to the nail. Some base … Continued

Indoor Water Fountains

Tabletop, wall mount, or floor are the indoor water fountains styles. They are very budget friendly, but some can be more expensive. Before purchasing, consider where in your home or business you will place the fountain. Will it need to … Continued

To Tan or Not to Tan

We are embarking on the time of year where tanning is of importance to many people. Having the pale skin is no longer in fashion, so tanning is and has been the latest thing for the last 2 decades now. … Continued

Safety First

The safety and health of you, your employees, & your customers should always be a top priority.  Here are just a few tips and reminders to implement at your Spa and Salon: Safely store and label hazardous materials Use as … Continued

Dura Jet vs Magna Jet

Dura Jets are generally the standard jet system that’s provided with most pedicure spa tubs.  It is ideal for the everyday Spa & Salon use. This jet system is pipeless which means it’s more sanitary, and bacteria free, it is … Continued

Massage Therapy

Why not step it up a notch by offering your customers another form of pampering? If you don’t provide massage therapy as one of you Spa & Salon services you may want to reconsider after learning about its amazing benefits.  … Continued