Lotion Heaters

(This lotion heater can be found on Spasalon.us) Lotion heaters are mostly used and talked about during the winter months. No one likes slathering cold cream over their body after stepping out of a nice warm bath or shower. When … Continued

Effects of Lavender

Over the years, lavender has been used for multiple reasons and situations. Visually, it’s a deep purple plant that looks so simple, but it offers a lot. The most common uses of lavender is as an aromatherapy. Many Spas and … Continued

Paraffin Wax Mani & Pedi

Paraffin wax is another available feature during your visit to your local Spa and Salon. It’s another way to moisturize and soften the skin. This wax is tasteless and odorless, and is not to be confused with regular spa wax … Continued

Nail Art

Nail art has been around for years. Overtime, designs and ideas have become more elaborate and more commonly used. Originally, it was a way to distinguish between cultures and classes. Now, it’s simply a form of accenting the manicure and … Continued

Hot Stone Massage

There are many variations of massages and techniques used. Hot stone massage has been one of the more popular services requested due to the elements of using heated stones. This type of massage can be more expensive than others, but … Continued

Galvanic Current Facials

Facials can never be a bad thing right? Mostly, unless there are products being used that a person may be allergic too. One type of facial uses electrical current to produce its results. The galvanic current facial is a beauty … Continued


Calluses are an unattractive growth of thickening of the skin when excessive, consistent pressure on specific parts of the feet or hands. It’s the skin’s automatic protective response against this friction. Athletes, physical laborers, firemen, those who wear flip flops … Continued

Base Coat vs Top Coat

There is a difference between nail polish base coat and top coat. The base coat is like a primer ready to receive a layer of paint. Its ingredients are made to help the polish adhere to the nail. Some base … Continued

Indoor Water Fountains

Tabletop, wall mount, or floor are the indoor water fountains styles. They are very budget friendly, but some can be more expensive. Before purchasing, consider where in your home or business you will place the fountain. Will it need to … Continued