The benefits of getting natural/organic products

The use of natural and organic products has become increasingly popular over the past five years; from household cleaning products to cosmetics. Not only are they better for the environment but also much better for you and your client’s health. … Continued

Remedies for brittle fingernails

As many researchers inform that Brittle fingernails are a common condition, occurring in about 20% of people. Brittleness in the nail may be caused by trauma, such as repeated wetting and drying, repeated exposure to detergents and water, and excessive … Continued

Nail Ideas

Nail art is on-trend to now, to get inspired with easy nail art designs: polka dot nails, newspaper nails, Nails play an important role on women’s look. Not only they can make your hands sparkle, but they can actually show … Continued

Nail care: here are some tips to consider

Your nails may be small, but they play an important role, serving to help protect your fingers and improve their skills. They can also reveal clues to your joint health. Women spend hours painting and decorating them. Beauty salons offer … Continued

Gel and acrylic nails: their differences

Among the artificial nail styles, two techniques stand out as the most commonly sought after in the salon industry — gel nails and acrylic nails. There are advantages and disadvantages to each style that you should know, even though you … Continued

Useful tips on pedicure massage

Everybody might have heard about massage once. And whoever had a chance to get a massage: We are pretty sure; they would love to have it more than once. I know I would. Especially after a long week of hard … Continued

Choosing the right massage table or chair

Selecting the best equipment for your Spa and Salon is very important. You want a cost effective and durable massage chair. That will last several years. So how do you choose from the hundreds of equipment and furniture that is on the … Continued

What really drives the spa industry ?

Some spa-goers will do just about anything to achieve healthy and radiant skin. In fact, it is shocking to see the lengths they will go and the prices they will pay for the sake looking younger. You have only to … Continued