How to Care for Your Feet and Toenails

Here are some useful steps in taking care of your feet and toenails, which will get you to putting your best feet. Make sure to wash your feet daily Give your feet a pedicure every two weeks If desired, apply … Continued

Nail Ideals

Nail art is on-trend to now, to get inspired with easy nail art designs: polka dot nails,newspaper nails, leopard print nails . 1. Polka Dot Nails: Two nail varnishes, A hair grip – Paint your nails with one of your … Continued

Easy Ombre Nails tutorial

Your two favorite colors together with a tooth pick. With a cotton swab or sponge piece light dab the nails.Very fun and easy way to get stylish ombre nails

Best product for nail salon

Raise your less-than-perfectly manicured hand if you suffer from dry cuticles, hangnails, or constantly notice chips in your freshly-painted nail varnish. That’s what we thought