Cleaning Tip for Spa Pedicure Chair

It’s benefit information for cleaning spa pedicure chair ‘s foot part which was collected as tutorial for clients and users general from Environment Protection Agency US Customer precautions – protecting the client Check the condition of the client’s feet and … Continued

Cuticles – Nail health signals

Your toenails and fingernails protect the tissues of your toes and fingers. They are made up of layers of a hardened protein called keratin, which is also in your hair and skin. The health of your nails can be a … Continued

Healthy nails – how to keep

It is often said that healthy nails are sign of good health. It is very important to keep our nails strong and healthy. To keep healthy nails, one should take good care of the nails from both the inside and from … Continued

How to Apply Nail Polish Evenly

Get a fab, professional-looking manicure at home by following a few simple guidelines and taking time to consider your color options. Remember, it’s all about the process when it comes to making your mani-pedis last longer. Always start with clean, buffed nails before … Continued

Pretty Nail Designs

Nail designs – your situation Nail art designs are all the rage now. But going out and buying them from a proper store seems to be troublesome. Furthermore, you never seem to like the designs that are available. Embellishing your … Continued

French pedicure

French Pedicure The ever classic French manicure is destined to give you the clean, gorgeous look you want. A French manicure features a clear, pale pink or beige polish over the entire nail, and white polish along the tip. The … Continued