High Frequency Facial Machines

High frequency facials and high frequency facial machines have been getting a lot of attention in salons and social media alike. There are many new trendy gadgets in the salon niche but this one really sticks out due to its … Continued

Skin Analysis Machines For Spas And Salons

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Newest Salon Trend: Mobile Salons

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How To Clean Acrylic Nail Brushes

How do you clean acrylic nail brushes? When running a nail and nail salon, hygiene should always be a top priority. One of the tools that every nail salon needs is an acrylic brush cleaner to keep everything in tip-top … Continued

Nail Art Trends For Fall 2021

Terrazzo Nails One nail trend which is making a huge comeback this fall is terrazzo nails. Although there are no absolute rules for terrazzo nails, they typically include imperfect or irregularly shaped “confetti” over a more simple base layer. This … Continued

Safer Pedicure Tips for Diabetic Patients

What’s more relaxing than a foot bath and pedicure? It’s a refreshing experience even for people with diabetes! If you have diabetes, you know that your feet and feet can be affected by it in a number of ways, including, … Continued

Having a Lash Technician at your salon ?

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Top 5 Trending acrylic nail shapes for 2021

Your Ultimate Guide for Trending Acrylic Nail Shapes Just because Kylie Jenner may have removed some of her gorgeous pointy nails, or coffin nails and lengths during the quarantine period in 2020, doesn’t mean that Acrylic Nail Shape suddenly takes … Continued

Easy-to-follow Beauty Tips for a Lazy you

There are so many things to do these days. Gone are the days when you just wore a pretty dress, high heels, your favorite carrier and painted your pretty nails red. It was an era where beauty meant wearing the … Continued