Design Center – Remodelling Tips

Once a positive evaluation is made regarding the opportunity to proceed with the salon remodeling, it is necessary to verify some preliminary matters: Reallocation of space: If the currently used space is insufficient to the new salons’ needs, you will … Continued

Choosing Barber Chairs to Fit Your Shop

Some other significant elements of which salon furniture along with barber chair must encompass consist of getting relaxing along with at ease for your client that’s going to put it to use, regardless of their own measurement, level, posture, and so … Continued

Are You Breaking These 10 Hair Rules

Stylists definitely know all the tricks! It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a bombshell blowout, gorgeous color, or incredibly healthy locks, stylists have learned all the tricks to get you there. For a great blowout, you can use … Continued

Salon decor

Why use salon Décor? And know where to get affordable and a variety of choices. The beauty industry is all about looking good, and the choices you make to decorate your salon determine how good you look to your clients. … Continued

Tools for Natural and Textured Haircare

The natural and textured haircare industry is growing fast and is showing no signs of slowing. More and more women with naturally curly, wavy, kinky, and coily hair types are letting their natural textures take center stage. This means that … Continued

Professional Cutting Shears

A hair stylist who specializes in cutting hair daily knows the importance of a great pair of shears. They are not just an ordinary pair of scissors. Professional grade shears are made of the highest quality of stainless steel which … Continued

Infrared Hair Processors

Infrared hair processors are a great tool used by professionals. Mostly used when applying color or perming chemicals, it reduces time for the processing. The less amount of time a chemical product has to sit on the hair, the better … Continued

Barber Pole

In the Middle Ages, barber shops were places to not only receive haircuts and shaves, but medical procedures too.  More often a process called bloodletting was performed to allow certain diseases to flow out of the body through the draining … Continued

Repeat Business

So you’ve done all the necessary marketing to build your clientele now here’s how you keep them coming back for more. Always look and remain professional, courteous, and approachable. Appearance is everything! Keep your establishment clean and neat. Give each … Continued