Calluses are an unattractive growth of thickening of the skin when excessive, consistent pressure on specific parts of the feet or hands. It’s the skin’s automatic protective response against this friction. Athletes, physical laborers, firemen, those who wear flip flops or walk barefoot, etc. are examples of who have an increased chance in having calluses.

There are simple daily things that people can do to help prevent a callus from forming, such as…

  • Wear proper shoes
  • Wear gloves when lifting anything heavy
  • Lotion/moisturize those areas to keep the skin from getting too dry
  • Use extra padding where needed

If after taking those precautions a callus still forms, there are at home steps you can do to help reduce or remove it. The most simple way is to soak it in warm water and file with a pumice stone until its smooth. If you decide to go to your local Spa and Salon, they have a callus remover formula to help soften and breakdown the skin for easier filing. They may opt to use a tool called PediSmuter Callus Remover that has rotating pads to buff away the dead, overgrown skin. The good thing is that surgery is not recommended, unless instructed by your doctor.

Callus Remover Formula

Callus Remover Formula

Pumice Stone

Atlantique Pedicure Stone

PediSmuter Callus Remover

Pedismuter Callus Remover