Benefits of getting a pedicure

Benefits of getting a pedicure

We all know how important it is for oneself to take some time out and regular de-stressing is vital for your health. So therefore, Taking care of our body, mind, spirit is important for a healthy living. Most of us go to the salon to get our pedicure and manicure done to feel good and for physical appearance; however, there are some Benefits of getting a pedicure which are mentioned below.

1. Pedis prevent infection.

If you’re not prone to moisturize your feet daily, a pedicure is an important source of moisture. “Moisturizing your feet prevents cracks from forming and causing infections, to get much-needed hydration between appointments, use a foot cream like Weleda Foot Balm

2. Stop calluses in their tracks.

The extra moisture also helps to remove and prevent calluses. A callus is the body’s way of protecting itself, says Dr. Bass. “Areas of friction will protect itself from forming calluses, but with repeated friction [i.e. walking, working out] and inattention to those areas, the skin can break down and lead to sores or ulcerations

3. Encourages a healthier lifestyle. (Very important)

While it’s rumored that a foot massage can enhance circulation, Dr. Bass says that it’s an indirect—but still effective—cause. By allowing a patient to feel better about his/her feet, it will allow them to exercise and thus, improve circulation.

4. Pedicures = healthier joints?

Massages and warm water help with joint health, adds cardiologist Dr. James Rippe, editor of American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine. “[With a foot massage] you are putting all of your joints through a full range of motion to help decrease stiffness. Soaking feet in warm water can also help relieve stress on joints and temporarily subside side pain.” In between appointments he recommends Osteo Bi-Flex, a daily supplement that helps strengthens and lubricates joints.

In addition, not all spas are created equal. Many pedicure practices do more harm than good. “I recommend staying away from salons using jetted tubs, as they are not able to be properly cleaned,” says manicurist Brandi Phillips from Frenchie’s Modern Nail Care. Brandi also recommends readers stay away from cheese graters or Credo foot files (which are more intense than the normal 120 grit foot files), because “the intense exfoliation from those tools creates small openings or cuts on your foot, which can cause the spread of infection.”

When getting a pedicure, the experience at the spa is also enhanced by what type of chairs the salon owners have most importantly, the relaxation and great massage provided by the Pedicure Chair. For all salon owners, we are going to mention six different types of pedicure chairs at unbeatable price and there features that you can’t find anywhere else. We’re an expert on all lower cost pedicure chairs .

Ion II spa pedicure chair: Human Touch is the #1 massage chair brand in the USA and is featured in thousands of salons nationwide. – The beautiful Ion II is available in custom-laminate color options that give each spa a unique style and look. The Ion II is hand-crafted by our expert carpenters using quality wood components and is made-to-order following your specifications. This luxurious pedicure spa is designed and assembled here in the USA and is ETL-certified for safety. For more information on that pedicure chair, please visit us on Facebook:

M5 spa pedicure chair: M5 pedicure chair, best price on the web.

M5 promotes the original beauty with a modern polycrystall bowl, a great combination of the past and the present. All functions are situated within the arm reach and a new, gentle mechanism for the footrest.  M5 is a must-have product for all salons.

Some features include:  Advanced rolling system with 4 wheels, 10 functions providing the auto massage therapy for upper body.  Automatic control from your fingertips for Seat Forward/Backward, Backrest reclining.  Both armrests lift up for easy access. Equipped with adjustable foot rest and LED spa light.  Luxurious Ultra leather upholstery.

Z450 spa pedicure chair: It is considered the second generation of the Spazi; a brand that meets all essential elements of a world-class pedicure spa.

The pipe-less technology, a fully automatic massage system, and an UL certified product could be a luxury option elsewhere, but with Z-450, it is a built-in standard. Z-450 also gives easy access for the client, operational convenience for the technician and a peace of mind for the owner. A rich collection of harmonious two-tone colors in addition to an attractive design that emphasizes the elegance will certainly please the most difficult client and blend nicely to any interior design theme. Z-450 also introduces the first time ever a decorated stone-background in the spa tub. Z-450 delivers a nice, clean, technology advance system and a truly relaxed atmosphere for everyone.

Torino spa pedicure chair: The modern and newly-released Torino Pedicure Spa is made with quality fiberglass components and superior parts. For quality assurance, each Torino is designed and assembled here in the USA. This stunning pedicure spa is ETL-certified for safety and is carefully tested by trained technicians before leaving our location. For convenience; the Torino has removable side and back panels for easy access to the interior of the pedicure spa. Each pedicure spa also comes equipped with a powerful ANS Liner Jet that provides a soothing whirlpool effect. Each Torino includes a genuine Human Touch Massage Chair. Human Touch massage chairs come in a variety of colors and are made with soft, marine-grade leather. Human Touch is the #1 massage chair brand in the USA and is featured in thousands of salons nationwide. It comes with a One-year warranty.

Cloud 9 spa pedicure chair: The Cloud 9 Spa offers many versatile features to please your clients, and it is also easy for your technicians to operate. With its highly reliable full function massage and fine quality ultra leather acetone-proof upholstery, this chair will relieve stress all over for your clients. The foot rest can be adjusted to three different heights with just a lift of your finger. The Cloud 9 Spa, like all of our chairs, is equipped with the Pipe less- jet System – no water pipes to collect stagnant water and bacteria, reducing the risk of bacterial infections and disease. –  Get that Affordable Pedicure Chair today.

Amour spa pedicure chair: Amour spa pedicure chair with Human Touch Massage Technology System. Let your customer experience comfort in NEW style with Amour pedicure chair. Advanced human-like full or desired select function massage with timer Finest quality & finely detailed ultra-leather upholstery  Auto adjustable – forward/backward and recliner   Air pocket massage on seat adds to your clients overall comfort and relaxation Swing up/down armrests for easy access.

Now that you have read all the good benefits of getting a pedicure, which results in”Feel Good” Mood. One of the most important benefits is the feel good factor.  It’s amazing how your feet, when treated, can make you feel so good about yourself and give a real confidence boost, along with feeling relaxed, clean and pampered.