Becoming a Nail Technician

Being a nail tech is increasing in popularity every year. This industry is one of the fasting growing ones today. In most states, it does require a license to be able to work. Every state has its own requirements for getting trained, but here in Georgia, a student must take 525 hours of in class learning or 2050 hours of apprenticeship.

It’s mandatory for most schools that students get both in class teaching and hands on training. This will help the student prepare better for when they have real customers to provide services to. During the classes they will learn about cleaning and sanitizing tools, trimming and shaping nails, proper use of chemicals, nail and skin disorders, massages, cuticle care, etc.

A future nail technician will have to be a people person who knows how to listen to each customer needs, be very observant, and detail oriented. Once they pass the class and receive their license, they must decide who they will work for, whether it be a public owned beauty salon, medical spa, or start their own business. Regardless, their success will be determined heavily on their ability to retain customers and receive referrals for business. Creating customer loyalty is very important in this industry and can help the nail tech go to a higher level.