8 Things Smart Spas Consider

8 Things Smart Spas Consider

Lighting is a key element in opening up any space. There is no question that natural sunlight is better than any man-made light. When inside a spa, it’s important to plan the balance between natural and planned lighting. If your spa is surrounded by nature it might get great natural light. However, if you have an urban spa, you have to prioritize the comfort and privacy of your clients. You will have to recreate a wide spectrum light system indoors. Give your space a welcoming ambiance with the right combination of direct and indirect lighting. Spasalonus offers a plethora of affordable lighting.

Going Authentic with Leather: A true spa ambiance is authentic, simple, and genuine. To reach your goal, you must use the real things. If you are going to have plants, avoid plastic fakes. Each and every thing clients touch in the spa must feel natural, warm and agreeable. If they sit or lie down on a vinyl cushion, the ambiance will feel as real and warm as… vinyl! Now leather, that is a luxury that every client enjoys

Fragrance and Feel: A beauty product’s fragrance may be an afterthought for some, but aroma is an important element of any beauty routine. Scent is the most developed sense for emotional memory. A similar scent of your grandmother’s kitchen can bring you back instantly to the memories and emotions of 40 years ago. It is one of the most important ambiance elements. A well designed scent is one of the cornerstones of a memorable spa ambiance. Different scents create different moods; some are more toning while others are more calming or refreshing. For your clients, herb extract or essential oil in your organic beauty cleansers, scrubs, creams and oils can calm, distress, invigorate, soothe and much more. In many spas, the signature scent is part of the operational and marketing plans.

Botanical Escapes pro kit Retail Boutique: The right placement and lighting will put your client at ease while maximizing retail sales. Here are some design tips: Place the retail products at appropriate reaching heights for client’s comfort. Present the products in a manner which will set the perceived value of the products. If the experience inside the spa is perfect, but the client feels pressured in the boutique, you just killed the ambiance! Stimulate the five senses of the customers in strategic places throughout the spa with non-aggressive marketing supports.

Choosing Décor   :A cluttered room equals a smaller room. Restrict the amount of furniture to necessary pieces, and limit accessories. Keep rooms tidy and organized. With things neatly arranged or out of sight, the remaining space will feel orderly and open. Keep the floor as clear as possible. Remove large rugs to create the illusion of more floor space.

A well-placed mirror gives a room sparkle and a bright open feeling, making any space look larger. By reflecting both natural and artificial light mirrors will make a room seem brighter, both during the day and at night.

Choose the Right Pedicure Chairs: In the right pedicure chair your customer is gently reclined, ensconced in relaxation, and just a moment away from all kinds of luxurious services that your carefully chosen pedicure chair makes possible. Key features including manicuring arms, headrests, matching stools, massage, foot baths and others increase the amount of profit one skilled technician can make with each customer. A profitable pedicure chair can offer your client a range of services; focused massage, facials, manicures, pedicures, foot baths, wraps, and hair service all surrounding a comfortable, accommodating, and profitable chair. Whirlpool systems are made easy with an Auto-fill system that fills water in the basin of a pedicure chair to the proper level automatically. Your tech can ready for the next client quickly with pump systems that offer simple, efficient water discharge. We suggest the Pavia pedicure spa packageNS298, spa pedicure chairM3 spa pedicure chair, Yuna pedicure spa package. For more options, please check these spa pedicure chairs at whole sale price.

In conclusion, the more services your customers receive, they will be happier and the more business they will send your way. Invest in multi-function furniture. For instance, a manicurist stool with built-in storage lets you tuck away supplies and products, while a massage table with cabinets underneath is a great place to hide sheets, towels and even a hot-towel cabby. The right equipment allows each tech to maximize services, while clients to lay in comfort and leave feeling relaxed and beautiful. Remember, happy customer equals more Business.