6 Fresh Colour Combos for Your Summer Gradient Nail Art

There’s a perfect time and place for gradient nails so bright and juicy that they’re just begging for attention. The time is summer and the place is everywhere! Here are 6 colour combos that’ll get you started and don’t forget to scroll to the end for a gradient tutorial!

1. Peach Sorbet

You’ll need: One pastel purple and a perfect peach

2. Cherry Wine

You’ll need:One juicy pink/red and a deep berry red

3. High Contrast

You’ll need: One turquoise and a bright pink

4. Cool and Creamy

You’ll need: One pastel blue and a cool plum

5. Fruit Salad

You’ll need: One buttery lemon and a pink that pops

6. Lots of Limes

You’ll need: One fresh mint, one lime green and one chartreuse

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