6 Fingernail Trends: Classy versus Tacky?

We all appreciate nails on others that are professionally cared for and look nice, but also the condition of our own nails speaks volumes about us. Even if you don’t pay as much attention to them as you should, you can bet that others will! We will show you a few fingernail faux pas to avoid. Hopefully you will be able to determine whether it’s classy or too tacky!


Acrylic Fingernails

Acrylic nails if done right, can definitely turn your hands into something almost everyone can admire, but they don’t always treat your real nails so well. People may choose acrylics for different reasons, even to stop chewing them! If you are going to get acrylic nails, then probably the best choice is short and rounded, because they do make your nails look fabulous. Keep an eye out for any damage they might cause, however, as they can create havoc. But you will probably love your nails while you have them!

If you want to avoid tackiness, then stay away from long, square nails, as they are out of fashion. They fail both the looks and the practical test! They sure don’t look real, and they are far from practical… Try dressing yourself or even working at your job with those long nails. You might get accustomed to them, but they are sure to be an inconvenience. A simple thing such as trying to pick up your car key can be a challenge!

Don’t go overboard with acrylic nails, as the best length for them these days is short and rounded.

Nail Art

Decorative nail art is a big industry, and many women are doing it these days. They are trying to make a fashion statement, and you probably have friends and relatives having their nails done in this manner all the time.


Get creative, but don’t go crazy! Something a little different on one toe, or one toe per foot is probably be the most you should do. Otherwise, you risk looking like the circus is in town! Something small that is unexpected can be a pleasant surprise, but when you have all of your toes painted in a different design then you are sure to stand out more than you would like! Lots of squiggles and lightning bolts might be considered “over the top”. Stick to something cool and sedate and try not to pair your nail art with long acrylics.

French Pedi’s and Mani’s

This option is up in the air, as some women love them and others loathe them! It’s going to be a hugely personal opinion, and the debate rages on whether these are tacky or classy. Some people

think that they make toes look like fingers! Since everyone is divided on this one, then you will hear comments either way if you have a French Mani or Pedi or not…

Fingernails of Varying Lengths

Try not to be guilty of this fingernail faux pas. You definitely don’t want to leave your house with nails of varying length that seem unkempt! Maybe you have experienced comments from friends or co-workers concerning this before… It might have seemed right at one point, but others will probably notice it fairly quickly and maybe not in a good way!

Nails of varying lengths can be a shocker today, since it is not normally encountered. So even though it may be considered a fashion statement, carefully consider what type of statement you are exactly trying to make first.

Long nails in general are not popular right now. Even if you have fingernails that are incredibly strong, you should try for a short, rounded nail.

Unkempt Nails

Chipped nail polish isn’t exactly cool. If you have a tendency for improper upkeep, you may want to skip the color and try a clear polish instead. For even better effect, buff your nails.


You may also want to stop biting your nails. Chewed nails can look really bad, and a good way to stop is by investing in a manicure! You will soon discover that nail polish does not taste so great, and you won’t want to chew away a good investment!

Fingers & Toes That Don’t Match

In the old days, manicures and pedicures should match up perfectly, but nowadays you have the option to change it around a little. It’s always good to go with a matching color scheme, but there is leeway to deviate from the norm and still be considered classy.

So, to sum up, carefully consider your nail length, colors, designs, and deviation from the norm. So what type of nails are in? Short, rounded nails. Squares may not be as popular as they once were, but are still O.K. However, rounded is really the way to go. You can select a wide variety of colors and designs, and watch out for nail trends that might be popular. Just have some fun with it and explore your options!