3 Reasons Why Your Spa or Salon Should be Blogging

Most companies already have an online presence of some kind, and usually a great website where people can retrieve basic information from. However, you may not have thought much about it before, but you can showcase your experience and expertise in wellness and beauty by creating a blog for your spa and updating it frequently? Studies show that blogging frequently, one to two times per month, can generate up to 70% more leads than businesses that don’t blog!


That should be enough of a reason, but if you need more here are 3 additional great reasons your salon should be blogging on a regular basis.

1. A Blog Will Keep Your Clients Engaged Between Visits

You want to try and keep your regular customers engaged with your salon on a consistent basis, and a great way to do that is by posting new content to a blog a few times a month.  Giving your clients valuable and informative content to read will keep you on their radar for their next visit, and also a great way to keep them current on happenings at the shop. Blogging can be very easy. Start off by writing about subjects you know or are an expert on, such as beauty tips, summer skincare advice, or hairstyling info. Another reason your salon should be blogging, is that good posts will keep your customers coming back to your website again and again, and it will show that you care about them and want them to have good beauty advice. If you can provide fresh and relevant content and keep your blog updated regularly, your frequent customers will become frequent readers!  That means they will be thinking about you when they want to schedule their next appointment.


2. A Blog Showcases You as an Industry Expert 

A professional, routinely updated blog filled with valuable information within your industry is a great way to present yourself as an expert in your field. Write blog content that serves a purpose and shows off your industry knowledge. A great place to start is by creating “How-To” posts, which is a quick and easy way to show off what you already know. If you include a demonstration in your post, where you actually used the techniques on someone else that would make a great rockstar blog post! By incorporating your clients into the blog, you will build loyal customers, and of course they’ll want to share a blog that highlights their incredible new nails or hairstyle!


3. A Blog Gives Your Business Personality 

Most business websites can be pretty cut and dry. Usually, they will have all the typical information listed such as hours of operation, location, and how to book appointments. Even though this is very useful and functional information, we all know that type of info can be boring to read. You can interject your own personality into a nicely written blog post and easily brand yourself and your salon! Think about ways to humanize your business by choosing stories of a more personal nature, and even photos and beauty tips (as long as they are work appropriate!). Your customers will love being able to connect with real people behind the business, and if you give them useful and personal information in your blog posts, then they will keep coming back again and again!  So as you can see, there are plenty of reasons why your spa or salon should be blogging!