Do’s & Dont’s of Decorating a Hair Salon


The beauty industry is all about looking good, and the choices you make to decorate your salon determine how good you look to your clients. Consider your salon decor as an extension of your brand. Everything from the floors to the mirrors should make a statement about who you are, what you do, and who you want to serve. In a business where style matters, a salon’s interior sets the tone for what customers can expect.

Do Pick a Theme

Pick a theme that reflects your salon’s mission, location, target audience and market. A Hollywood-themed salon may work in Los Angeles, but could turn off clients in no-nonsense New York. Bright red walls and 1980s disco “pleather” chairs clash with a holistic salon’s message of serenity.
Choose paint colors that capture the essence of your salon’s theme. Neutral earth tones work well in a salon with a day spa. An all-white salon with sleek glossy spa salon furniture is better for a high-tech or new-wave theme.

Do Pick a Style

Select a style synonymous with your salon’s demographics. Are you an upscale salon? If so, choose accents and finishes such as crystal chandeliers and marble countertops.
If your salon is located in a historic district, include wrought iron hardware and cherry wood finishes. Perhaps your salon caterers to men. If so, provide sturdy leather seating and masculine touches like chrome hardware and stainless steel. Family focused salons should include bright primary colors, especially if you want to promote children’s services.

Do Go Bold

Make a bold statement with contrasting colors, oversized spa salon mirrors and “statement lighting.”
Use large mirrors to help create an expansive feel. Industrial or “statement lighting” fixtures give salons a cutting-edge vibe. If your salon has high ceilings, add drama with floor-to-ceiling drapes in velvet or silk.
Add a pop of color to a monochromatic salon, such as a stunning red couch in the waiting area in an all-white salon.

Don’t Get Caught in the Past

Avoid looking dated and out of style. Unless your salon is based on a 1950s theme, steer clear of retro salon furniture. Consult with an interior designer or salon designer about trends, and about ways to “future-proof” your salon by purchasing timeless fixtures.
Display updated portraits of current style trends only. Reupholster dated styling chairs and hair dryer seating. Replace vinyl flooring with sleek wood or wood laminate floors. Use modern cabinetry and storage units. Update signage, including your logo if it features any dated images.

Don’t Clutter

Clutter sends the wrong message to customers. It says your salon is unorganized. Clean lines and organized spaces evoke tranquility and efficiency.
Keep windows free of hanging plants. Besides taking up valuable display space, plants can also attract bugs, the last thing customers want to see in a salon.
Keep your retail display clean, de-cluttered and inviting. Remove stacks of old magazines. Nothing screams “out of touch” like a stack of 10-year-old publications.

Design Center – Remodelling Tips


Once a positive evaluation is made regarding the opportunity to proceed with the salon remodeling, it is necessary to verify some preliminary matters:

  • Reallocation of space: If the currently used space is insufficient to the new salons’ needs, you will have to consider the possibility of acquiring adjacent spaces or moving into a totally new, larger space. Please keep in mind that it is important that the area chosen meets your customer target requirements.
  • Legal aspects: License regulations and respect for relevant building codes and security laws have to be verified before you can proceed with any remodeling.
  • Structural elements: The possibility of moving walls must be considered. Alterations of existing hydraulic connections or the construction of new ones may also be necessary. Lastly, changes in electrical and lighting systems will have to be evaluated.
  • Intervention management: If you plan to continue offering services during remodeling operations, it is important to guarantee an alternative, sufficient level of service to the clients either through partial remodeling, or temporary movement of operations, moving to adjacent premises.

Shop Window

  1. The shop-window plays a fundamental role in the success of the beauty salon because it is the primary element to communicate the shop’s image and attract new customers. We therefore suggest heavy investment in this building element. To ensure a proper salon image, make sure to tailor a design aimed at emphasizing your salon name and logo.
  2. The use of large posters and videos displayed on television screens in the shop-window tends to generate interest.
  3. With regard to placing specific beauty products in the window, be sure of the brands you choose. If you consider using this space to display beauty products in a way that allows people to see them from the street, be careful not to damage your salon image with substandard or outmoded products.

Salon Reception Area

  1. It should usually be placed in front of the entrance. It is a very important area because here the clients form their first impression of the salon. Make sure it is welcoming and realized with the proper aesthetic qualities.
  2. We suggest placing the reception desk with the front facing towards the entrance so that the client cannot see the inside of it. Possibly consider keeping the desk away from waiting area in order to protect the clients’ privacy.
  3. If you decide to set a PC on the desk, make sure there is space enough. Consider the opportunity to use flat LCD monitors that have a cleaner design and allow for more space on the desk.
  4. It is possible to set display-cases for selling beauty products behind the reception desk.

Waiting Area

  1. The number of pedicure customer seats in the waiting area obviously depends on the number of styling units, even if it is not possible to determine a fixed relation. For example, if you only work with a booking system, this area can be even smaller than you might think. If the wait is supposed to be short, it may sometimes be preferable to foresee one or two extra styling units that would accommodate the customers immediately,. We strongly suggest giving the waiting area an image function, but investing more on the salon function rather than on the waiting issue itself, which is in fact not exactly lucrative.
  2. About ¼ of a salon profits should come from selling products. Make sure to give proper space and visibility to products though display- and show-cases.
  3. Products should be placed so that clients can see and touch them.
  4. Keep in mind that placing videos towards the entrance and the shop-window tends to generate interest and attract almost immediate attention.
  5. We suggest providing an area for a cloak-room, possibly closed and complete with safe deposit boxes to give clients more security and privacy for their valuables.

Washing Area

  1. The washing area represents a strategic area for the salon because it is the first service offered to the client and it is the point where clients are redirected towards different stations. Furthermore, one must consider that the washing implies a very close, physical, one could say intimate relation with clients. For this reason, a client could easily feel uncomfortable if maximum comfort is not guaranteed.
  2. The washing area should be placed in a very accessible position to facilitate clients and stylists movements.
  3. You should control all possible plumbing connections.
  4. The number of washing units should be at least 1/3 of the total styling units, including those in the chemical area.
  5. Besides client comfort, make sure that the stylists can easily work and have all equipment, tools and products within their reach.
  6. Consider with particular attention the construction materials. Metal parts tend to rust even if protected with special paintings or dressing, while plastics and ceramics are unalterable overtime.
  7. Consider that the bowl in any given washing unit may be used 70 times, more frequently than a kitchen wash-basin. Make sure it is made of quality materials.
  8. Preferably store products in closed cabinets or on hidden shelves in order to avoid confusion and provide a sense of better cleanliness.
  9. We suggest not utilizing rubber protection on the bowl for the nape of the neck because it is extremely unhygienic. A well designed and manufactured bowl does not need any plastic addition in order to be comfortable.
  10. An advantage would be to have a separate room with a service cabinet and wash-basin to prepare chemical treatments without being in open view of clients. This avoids undesired smells from entering the salon.

Wellness Area

  1. Inside the beauty salon for the most demanding clientele a reserved wellness washing and relaxing area may be beneficial. This area could be developed with an oriental-style, complete with full lying position washing units, equipped with electronic back vibration massage.
  2. Inside this area it is highly recommended that you offer some sort of relaxing or meditation music, with chromotherapy and aromatherapy.

Chemical/Technical Area

  1. Consider a proper space for the technical and chemical area given that demand for coloration and specific treatments has grown consistently over the past years.
  2. We suggest separating this area from the main service area in the salon so that it is not visible either from the entrance or from the waiting area, affording the guarantee of better privacy.
  3. Make sure to have proper ventilation to eliminate fumes and smells.

Styling Area

  1. Install wall styling units at least 200 cm. high and central styling units significantly lower, preferably with sloping mirrors to give a better sense of space and roominess in the salon.
  2. The styling units should be equipped with sockets, phone and curling holders in accessible position, and shelves where hair care products may be placed within easy reach. c) Preferably use cabinets with doors and back shelves to give a tidier and cleaner look.

Drying Area

  1. Make sure that the hood dryer’s seating is placed in a comfortable and relaxing area.
  2. Remember to make available the latest magazines and possibly earphones for listening to music.
  3. For the most refined clients a library with the best authors can be provided.

Salon Lighting

  1. Lighting is very important both for salon image and for optimizing the stylist’s working environment. We suggest using a basic diffused indirect light to create a uniform atmosphere within the whole salon.
  2. For the reception and waiting areas it is possible to use more soft and suffused lighting.
  3. For the cutting area we suggest the use of a light which is most akin to natural sunlight by adding specific direct lights to the basic lighting. If necessary, a soft frontal lighting can be use to offset the vertical lights to avoid shadows on clients’ face.
  1. For the washing area the use of supplementary vertical lighting directed toward the spa salon capinet bowls would be recommended.

For the wellness area, the use of chrometherapy lamps that reflect relaxing and colorful light on a panel located on the ceiling is highly recommended.

The reception desk is a very important


The reception desk  is a very important piece of furniture of spa pedicure chair to complete.

  1. Even if the space is small, the right furniture and decor can enhance the visual presentation to appear spacious, professional and welcoming. Security is often a top priority when selecting a salon reception desk, so consider one that has locking drawers.
  2. First impressions of the beauty salon will be important no matter what they say, It is the place of relaxation where people come to reduce and beat the stress out of their routine life, and add some novelty and spice to it. Therefore look and decoration of salon matters a lot. In order to create a good initial impression, it is important to have a well-presented reception area. The reception desk is a very important piece of furniture to complete the overall appearance of a beauty salon. It is usually the first element of design and personality that a customer or client will see when he or she enters your office.
  1. Even if the space is small, the right furniture of spa pedicure chair and decor can enhance the visual presentation to appear spacious, professional and welcoming. Security is often a top priority when selecting a salon reception desk, so consider one that has locking drawers. This will prevent employees or unauthorized individuals from gaining access to confidential papers or cash and checks. There are various range of standard reception desks are available that will suit those with a budget in mind. A person who enters a salon and sees that it is organized and arranged, will most probably be turned on and support the salon.
  2. Every salon owner takes the best efforts to make the place look beautiful and relaxing so that the customers are left wanting for more and keep coming back. barber chairs come in a variety of styles and include an assortment of features and functions. barber chair air for sale offers features that will make a barber or stylists’ job easier while offering supreme comfort to every client from trims and cuts, to coloring and shaving, the Barber’s Chair offers it all.
  3. A popular feature found on some models of barber chairs is a synchronized largest. barber chair are expected to keep clients content and stress-free at all times. This lets the barber or hairstylist focus strictly on giving the customer a great shave, hairdo, or haircut. An excellent quality chair will sustain your patrons’ security and promise years of performance. No matter which model barber chair you’re looking for, various companies are committed to offering the best price available, guaranteed! Features includes very comfortable upholstered cushion, attached flap designed to protecting styling chair from scuffs, scratches, and dirt.

Necessary Nail Salon Supplies


Nail beauty salons have really ended up being progressively preferred over the third countless years. Competitors is difficult, so having the “optimal points” might really repay by drawing in new customers and maintaining them. Right here are 5 items that might keep your beauty spa salon in advance of the crowd.

Likewise while hesitating, the chairs have to be comfy to make the delay a lot less of a swelling, as well as much more like the start of a good time.
All Elements Sensual-Let’s confess, manicures and pedicures relate to the tactile-how elements feel. So remarkable moisturizers, aromatic and/or heated lotions and creams applied delicately could create amazing experiences.

Sanitary Equipment-Ultra violet light bulbs, antibacterial treatments, in addition to germ-killing cleaning agents for chairs, tables, in addition to pedicure stations allow consumers recognize that they will certainly not quit tidiness by seeing your beauty salon. Sanitizing devices as well as supplying appropriate disposal of tools that can not be recycled should refer routine for each manicurist.

Range of Nails and Polishes-Having a variety of gloss in addition to nails will definitely do significantly to develop “buzz” regarding your shop. Attractive nails will absolutely do significantly of the advertising for you likewise without your consumer recognizing it. Having your nails look lovely adequate to make others ask where they were done will not merely aid you make a repeat customer, however will certainly send lots of brand-new clients your approach.

Nail Salon Air Purifier-Unfortunately, many of the items made use of in nail beauty salon produced chemical fumes as well as scents that odor exceptionally unfavorable when getting in the store. These fumes are not simply unwanted, however are harmful when taken in for long period of times of time.

Washing up the air in your supplier by often stressing the chemical scents as well as fumes is an extra means to position your hair salon in advance of the remainder of the nail beauty parlors in your community. It is additionally a great technique to employ gifted manicurists.

In order to be effective in a nail hair salon, an air facial cleanser should handle to soak up chemicals with a carbon based filter with an additive that works at getting rid of these fumes. It additionally should utilize a HEPA (or high efficiency fragment nailing) filter that can eliminate slim bits made by filing as well as also Polishes-Having a range of gloss as well as nails will absolutely do much to develop “buzz” regarding your establishment. Appealing nails will definitely do considerably of the advertising and marketing for you additionally without your consumer recognizing it. Having your nails look lovely sufficient to make others ask where they were done will certainly not simply help you make a repeat customer, nevertheless will send out lots of brand-new customers your technique.

New or used spa chair

We’ll go through an analysis of price, features and performance of the two types mentioned.

Compare prices of used chairs and new

L270-Seashell-GansBoro-368x293Seats Used: L270 Seats Spa jet from: US $ 1,059.00

New Seats nail: Glass Bowl Spa pedicure chairs  jet from

Ranging from US $ 1,800.00 to $ 3,000.00

Analysis Used pedicure chairs – Price, Features and Performance

Seats nail used is obviously cheaper than new pedicure chairs, even if they are high-tech used the chair legs or not. However, the features of the pedicure chairs are used not completely listed on the site, giving shoppers a little opportunity to consider the option of buying their goods. And moreover, there is no information on the warranty, make a purchase at higher risk of getting a bad pedicure chairs used.

Take pedicure chairs used above is an example. Prices of pedicure chairs used is US $ 1,059.00. If you want shipped to your home address , you pay $ 85 more  and you pay an extra $ 15O if you want a drain pump,. If you want a chair pedicurist, you pay $ 65 extra. Add all these charges together, you will have to pay  higher than buy 1 new seat.

Now obviously want to buy a brand new pedicure chairs instead is used. Why? Because the new ones cost less than used pedicure chairs, free shipping, with the same features, and even better.

With pedicure chairs is used, you must select by color limit of the seat. With new pedicure chairs, you are free to choose which colors suit your salon best.

You do not know what may have happened to the pedicure chairs used if you buy them because it has a lot of uses. With new pedicure chairs, all the features are listed, so you have all the information needed to consider your alternatives.

So now, if you are a smart shopper, you can know whether you should use pedicure chairs for your salon or not.

Pedicure chair buyers guide

Pedicure chair buyers guide

Starting a nail salon is a great idea and continues to remain a good business despite today’s changing economic times. However, this type of business requires a substantial start up investment:

  • You will need a storefront location
  • Business license, insurance, and state and/or local permits
  • Licensed nail technicians and well trained staff
  • A wide variety of nail colors and manicure supplies
  • A menu of salon services
  • Financial-tracking software
  • Furniture and equipment manufactured specifically for nail salons

Furnishing your salon with the proper, high quality equipment is paramount to your success. Here are some tips and advice you need to know before you purchase your pedicure chairs or nail salon furniture and accessories.

Top 10 Pedicure Chair Buyers Guide

  1. Deal only with only reputable dealers and manufacturers.
    Does the company that you are buying the pedicure chairs from, have a great reputation?
    Have you talked with the owner, or the president, of the firm? How do customers rate their products and services?
  1. Buy direct
    Buy direct from a manufacturer and save money. Buying direct will give you access to support directly from the company. No middle man whatsoever.
  1. Money back guarantee
    Only buy from companies that offer you a written 30-day money-back guarantee.
  1. Parts
    Buy from a manufacturer that has a large selection of parts from every pedicure chair that they have ever manufactured in the last 10 years.
  1. Longevity
    Buy from companies that have been in business for seven years or more. Will they be in business next year?
  1. Service department
    Have you met and seen the service department, and do they have full-time staff dedicated to service and repair? If not, please beware!
  1. Buy quality
    Getting a great price for a bad product that will only break down is not a good deal.
    Have the manufacturer show you the quality of the product, including all parts?
  1. Buy U.S.
    Buy American made for superior quality.
  1. Trade in program
    Do they offer a trade-in program? This can save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars in final price as well as your time and effort in disposing of obsolete equipment.
  1. ETL or UL certified products
    Make sure they have ETL or UL certified pedicure chairs.
    Furnishing a new nail salon can get very expensive very quickly.

Teaching children how to take care their pedicure and manicure

Teaching children how to take care their pedicure and manicure

Teaching children how to take care their pedicure and manicure

This is one of the key skills, basic self-care helps children, cherish their own health.

In the early years, when the children are not themselves cut their own nails, you need to help her do this. It was only when she was about 9-10 years old baby holding scissors and other instruments for manicures and pedicures.

For children before school age

Every week you should cut nails for baby.  The best time to cut your nails is after bathing your baby. Now, clean nails and softer, more easily cut.

Cutting tools have to choose your baby’s nails only for children, not use common utensils to manicures, pedicures of babies. If you use nail clippers, should choose the same curved blade by way of the baby’s nail shape and you should wait until your baby to sleep to perform.

For toenails, you should cut a straight line, not so close to the edge cutting.

To restrict latch, nail biting, unsanitary, you should always observe the nails, pedicures, baby, when the extension is to be cut too. This prevents scratching the surface of his little hand or rake face other children.

Help children hygiene nails

For children from kindergarten to grade 3

You still need to help her manicures and pedicures in this age until they are 9 years old. However, at this age, the baby quite like to express yourself, so you should take care not to cut your baby. If she cut deeply into the skin, you need to sterilize the baby immediately. You should also bring attention to baby shoes. Too short or tight shoes, tight can cause wound pain, discomfort, growing toenails curl inward.For children from grade 4 to grade 6

From 9 years and up, children themselves can cut toenails, fingernails are. You should buy the child a caring nails as drag, click, filing … Children will be proud and feel bigger because people can manage to take care of myself.

You should regularly remind baby manicures, pedicures his schedule by recording specific date.

In addition to manicures and pedicures, you need to teach hand-washing, hygiene and clean nails. In the supermarkets are selling the nail brush. No nail care but also need to take care of skin around the nail.

Comfort an Important Consideration When Purchasing Salon Furniture


Have you ever seen furniture that looks aesthetically attractive and blends well with the décor only to sit on it and discover just how uncomfortable it really is? Don’t let this happen when you purchase hairdressing salon furniture ! Yes, you should focus on the overall ambience of your business but don’t allow looks to trump comfort.

Attention to Client Comfort

Clean lines, a spotless and organized work area and excellent customer service are all hallmarks of a successful hair salon. However, if you want clients to relax and enjoy the atmosphere while being pampered, the furniture you choose must be comfortable. If it is not, your clients will think that they are not valued. Perception plays a large part in winning and retaining clients, particularly in the hair business.

Choosing Furniture Pieces

Addressing client comfort, look for quality pieces with durable materials. The shampoo chairs you select should be well-cushioned and able to easily reach the basin. You will likely have clients with back and neck trouble periodically so chairs that easily reach the wash basins can be quite important. A vinyl material is optimal for the upholstery as it holds up well to wear and tear as well as water.

A hydraulic system for salon chairs is important for stylist comfort as it allows the chair to move up and down according to client height. Depending on the services the client pays for, they could be in a salon chair for hours so it is important that the seat and back offers a lot of cushion along with sturdy armrests and enough wiggle room for the heavier body frames.

If you offer pedicures, the pedicure chair should be tested for comfort. Even the beauty tables utilised for facials and the massage tables should have plenty of padding. It can be hard to explain to a client getting a massage why the table they are laying on for a relaxing treatment is anything but relaxing.

Don’t Neglect the Waiting Area

If clients have to wait for a few minutes for their stylist, a comfortable seating area in reception should be available for them. Whether you purchase a high-backed lounger or even ottomans, the seats should be well-cushioned and offer some body support.

When possible, physically test the salon furniture you are considering for durability and comfort. While looks are important, the true test is whether or not a client would willingly sit on your furniture for hours for a variety of services without complaint.

Choosing Barber Chairs to Fit Your Shop


Some other significant elements of which salon furniture along with barber chair must encompass consist of getting relaxing along with at ease for your client that’s going to put it to use, regardless of their own measurement, level, posture, and so forth. Also, your salon or perhaps barber apparatus you are presenting should also always be durable sufficient aside from getting effortless, simple preserve along with tidy up.

Furthermore, you need to be proficient pertaining to your wide selection involving all purpose chair ergonomic chairs along with furniture getting made use of inside unique elements of one’s salon institution. While sequenced within a logical way, ones operating staff and also the customers avoid the hassle which salon furniture along with barber chair must encompass consist of getting relaxing along with at ease for your client that’s going to put it to use, regardless of their own measurement, level, posture, and so forth. Also, your salon or perhaps barber chair apparatus you are presenting should also always be durable sufficient aside from getting effortless, simple preserve along with tidy up.

Tests your salon furniture  from the short-term groundwork along with observe ones staff along with consumers interact with the idea. This guideline just isn’t particularly unique to help things that are increasingly being rented nevertheless can be expanded with a barber ergonomic chairs that should be forever acquired. which salon furniture along with barber chair must encompass consist of getting relaxing along with at ease for your client that’s going to put it to use, regardless of their own measurement, level, posture, and so forth.

Also, your salon or perhaps barber apparatus you are presenting should also always be durable sufficient aside from getting effortless, simple preserve along with tidy up. Furthermore, you need to be proficient pertaining to your wide selection involving all purpose chair ergonomic chairs along with furniture getting made use of inside unique elements of one’s salon institution. And salon décor will perfect your barber chair.

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Pedicure Spa Chair

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Pedicure Spa Chair

In a market littered with pedicure spa manufacturers, now more than ever it is extremely important to do your homework prior to purchasing a pedicure spa. Adding or replacing pedicure spas can cost $1,500 or upwards of $100,000 depending on the number of locations and type of salon or spa. Any way you look at it, purchasing a pedicure spa is a large expense and several key items should be considered prior to making your decision.

#1.  Quality – The pedicure spa industry is not unlike every other industry, you get what you pay for. There is no substitute for a pedicure spa built in the United States utilizing major components from United States suppliers. Remember, when you buy on price, you buy twice.

#2.  Customer Service – Every company in every industry has problems.  Its how a company handles those problems that set them apart from all the others. Make sure you work with a U.S. based company that views customer service as an integral part of their business.

#3.  Warranty – All manufactures claim to warranty their spa salon products, but do they really?  After you read the “fine print” or “exclusions” you may find a warranty is not a warranty at all. One major manufacturer’s warranty reads:  (for parts under warranty) “the customer shall bear all charges incurred for the shipment to it of a replacement spa or components or parts.” Make sure to read all warranties prior to making a decision.

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Pedicure Spa Chair 1

#4.  Design – Do you really want plastic pedicure spas that look exactly like the pedicure spas in the salon down the street? Set yourself apart from the competition! Look for a pedicure spa with an original and unique design.

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